Tony Krizan

Mountain hiking

Winter has once again arrived in our local mountains above Oakhurst. We have been patiently waiting for our drought to end and with the arrival of rain and snow - maybe now we can focus our winter activities on skiing and snowshoeing. For us die hard backpackers there is still a chance to hike within the local mountains if you stay below 4,500 feet and the south side of the mountain ranges.

Here are a few suggestions for an afternoon of hiking below the snow level:

If our snow level stays at a higher elevation this season these hikes are possible throughout the year. You will not be disappointed hiking these trails during the winter months. The foliage has thinned out and you can now see those points of interest normally concealed by the spring and summer growth. For safety reasons, contact the forest service for weather reports and trail conditions during the winter months.

See you on the trail?