Tough week for Yosemite soccer teams

The Yosemite High boys soccer team (1-2-1) beat Sierra 3-0 Jan. 20.

The Badger’s first goal was scored by Travis Wood. It came off a corner kick by Paul Esposito that bounced off a player or two and then Wood put it in the net. The second goal was by Tyler McIntrye who scored on a direct kick from about 25 yards out.

“It was a beautiful kick that hooked back into the far corner of the net,” Coach Rick Lemberg said.

Yosemite’s third goal came from Tyler McIntrye on a penalty kick.

Lemberg pointed to his backs, Joe Campbell, Jarret Barone, Russell Zelazo, Brendon Rhoan and Keegan Brown, led by Summit Pears, for doing a good job on defense to keep Sierra from getting very many shots on goal.

“Our two goal tenders, Kevin Kirk and Narayan Black, each played half of the game for the shutout.

On Jan. 23, the Badgers took a 2-0 lead in the first half against Liberty on scores by Wood, and a great direct kick from 35 yards out by Oliver Curley. Unfortunately, the Badgers could not maintain the lead, with Liberty making a comeback for a 4-2 win.

Liberty scored in the closing minutes of the first half and again in the second half.

“We went into overtime and just couldn’t score,” Lemberg said. “They got a goal in each of the two, 10 minute overtime periods. Liberty was pretty good. They had earlier defeated Chowchilla. Our keeper, Kevin Kirk, had a great game and ‘fill in’ sweeper Brendon Rhoan made two great saves by himself. We moved the ball much better and each game we are getting stronger and more cohesive.”

Lemberg said the the team’s last six games include some very tough opponents like Washington Union, Chowchilla, and Sierra.

“Hopefully we can build on how we have been playing and put together a couple great games,” Lemberg said.

The team plays at Chowchilla today (Thursday).

Girls lose two games 1-0

The Yosemite girls varsity team (6-6-1, 2-2 NSL) suffered two tough losses last week - At Sierra on Jan. 21, the Chieftains beat the Badgers 1-0, and last Friday the team was beaten on their home field 1-0 by Liberty.on

“It was an unfortunate loss to Sierra,” Coach Vanassa Jasper said. “With just two minutes to go in the game we got a penalty in the box which resulted in Sierra making a penalty kick to beat us 1-0.”

On Jan. 23, Liberty brought their team and their bragging rights for the last four North Sequoia League Championships to Raupp Field.

“Liberty scored in the first half and we held them the rest of the game,” Jasper said. “My goalies, junior Katie Lemos, and freshman Charlotte Borough did an awesome job for us and had some great saves. It was a physically demanding, and well played game.”

The Lady Badgers play at Chowchilla Friday.

- Yosemite High correspondent