Rivergold holds annual Toys for Tots Cross Country Run

Rivergold Elementary held their annual Toys for Tots Cross Country run Friday, Dec. 5, 2014 in Yosemite Lake Park. The event attracted more than 400 students from 11 schools throughout the Mountain Area aged 5 to 13.

The race was sponsored by Rivergold School and the goal of the race was to promote healthy choices for kids. The event and was free of charge in the hopes that families would donate toys to the Toys for Tots program. With the help of the Yosemite lakes Park Homeowners this year was the largest turnout in the five year history of the race with more than 400 runners.

Top ten finishers were awarded place ribbons and all participants received Toys for Tots ribbons. Participants brought toys to the race or were encouraged to fill the boxes at their schools wqith toys for kids of all ages. Spectators also donated money to Toys for Tots.

Results 2014 Toys for Tots Run are as follows:

Junior Girls

1st Kaitlyn O’Brien (Wasuma)

2nd Teresa Dudley (Raymond)

3rd Kaiya Wave (North Fork)

Junior Boys

1st Noah Graffigna (Coarsegold)

2nd Logan (Oakhurst Elem.)

3rd George Curley (Rivergold)

Intermediate Girls

1st Taylor Oetinger (Wasuma)

2nd Jadyn Stafford (Rivergold)

3rd Claire Tuggle (Mountain Charter)

Intermediate Boys

1st Phoenix Bedolla (Rivergold)

2nd Turner (North Fork)

3rd Ethan Reed (Rivergold)

Youth Girls

1st Corissa Williams (Rivergold)

2nd Paige Biles (Rivergold)

3rd Sayda Taylor (Wasuma)

Team Results (Top 3 runners from each age group)


1st Place Rivergold

2nd Place Wasuma

3rd Place Coarsegold


1st Place Rivergold

2nd Place OES/OCI

3rd Place Coarsegold

- Rivergold Elementary