Yosemite Swim Club begins fall season

Sign-ups for the Yosemite Swim Club’ three-month fall season will be held at 5 p.m. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, Sept. 3-5 at the Yosemite High School Baker Swim Complex.

“Whether your swimmer is a tadpole or an Olympic hopeful, our goal is to provide access, opportunity and instruction to help children become the swimmer that they want to be,” said coach Jules Tuggle. “Our youth swimmers will have an opportunity to compete in USA swim meets throughout the valley.”

Experience levels include:

Bronze: Novice swimmers. Must be able to swim 25 yards unassisted. Instruction will focus on all four strokes, turns and starts through drill based workouts. All ages.

Platinum: Swimmers who are legal in all four competitive strokes and ready to sustain proper technique over distance. Swimmers will learn to use a pace clock in practice sessions and start interval training. Ages 9 - 12.

Silver & Gold: Swimmers who are becoming experienced workout swimmers and competitors. Strong proficiency in all four competitive strokes, starts and turns expected. Tougher interval training required. Ages 12-18.

Practices are held at 5:30 Monday through Thursday and the season runs through Nov. 22

Registration includes an annual pool fee of $100 and a USA fee of $65.

Details: (559) 964-7130,,