Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor - week of June 2

In support of Measure C

I strongly support Measure C on the June 7 ballot.

I believe Measure C will be beneficial to our families, children, and grandchildren.

In addition to improving the educational opportunities for residents of the area, it will also bring cultural events to the Oakhurst campus and help improve the area’s economy.

Vote yes on Measure C June 7.

D. A. Linn, Oakhurst

Iron sharpens iron

In reflection, this Yosemite High JV baseball season was very much about overcoming adversity in a variety of ways. To begin with, the weather was quite unpredictable for most of the season as it varied from weeks of rain to ones of extreme heat.

Our ability to adapt and overcome was also tested on many occasions when players either got injured or were called up to play for the varsity team.

Our team’s pride was definitely tested after being swept by Sierra this year. And, our team’s heart was questioned multiple times throughout the season when we fell behind against some formidable opponents. Nonetheless, this extremely young group found a way to persevere in the face of the storm that continuously pelted them with one obstacle after another.

I reminded them on many occasions that baseball is a grind. It is a game in which you need to learn how to produce and manufacture your own runs and a game in which the team that makes the least amount of mistakes is usually the most successful.

My former coach used to tell me about hitting the curve ball, “fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me …”

I tried to instill this same sense of learning from their mistakes and focusing on how to constantly be improving. I also quoted another mentor many times this season that used to tell me, “Iron sharpens iron.” The players truly began to embrace this concept and push each other to become better on a daily basis.

I was also very hard on them many times this year myself. But, I also made sure they always knew it was coming from a place of love. It was a difficult journey for many of the JV players because the transition to high school baseball is never an easy one. However, they truly started to become like a family and pushed each other to keep grinding away.

We could have given up many times this season - instead, they fought on and managed to finish the year with a sweep of Chowchilla. I am extremely proud of them for the hard work and dedication they showed. Some players even came to optional Saturday practices throughout the season in order to get better.

It has been an honor to work with my Assistant Coach Clyde Derickson and a pleasure to watch the development of some fine young ball players.

I really look forward to the possibilities for next season as I expect many of them to come back and be ready to cause some havoc in the North Sequoia League.

Eric Mclane, YHS JV baseball coach

A solemn time for America

As I wrote in my last letter to the editor on Feb. 18, I predicted this exact Republican presidential nomination outcome. With the nomination of Donald Trump, I and other conservatives can only pray that somehow our American Constitution will still stand after the next presidency is over.

Our founding fathers warned us that this unique governance “Of, By, and For the People” is a precious and fragile experiment in history. This radical idea that the people themselves can be trusted to rule themselves could easily fail. This unique experiment in history is what is meant by “American Exceptionalism.” As of today, this experiment has failed.

The American media has successfully manipulated Republican voters into supporting a liberal businessman, with a long and documented history of buying political influence for his own financial gain. This is the exact type of political corruption that Republican conservatives were supposed to be fighting against.

Muhammad Ali, the champion boxer, invented a boxing strategy called “Rope a Dope.” His brilliant idea was to lean against the ropes and lure his opponent in by letting them believe they were winning, and he was losing. Once he got his opponents exactly where he wanted them, he would unleash a devastating final knockout punch.

This brilliant media “Rope a Dope” strategy has worked flawlessly, with Republican voters now feeling so extremely proud of nominating a true “business man.” However, if these Trump supporting Republican voters had bothered to research our presidential history, they would have discovered that the only other true “business man” elected president was Herbert Hoover.

Like Trump, with his tariff-based economic plan, President Hoover did not make American great again, but became the father of the Great Depression.

Pray - the next few years are going to be a very bumpy ride.

Richard Kosnik, Oakhurst