Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor - week of Feb. 18

A stolen election?

I believe that in 2016, we may actually see our first truly fixed presidential election.

From the founding of this country, the “press” was designated to be the people’s watchdog. The “Fourth Branch of Government,” if you will. However, the national media is now simply an extension of the Democratic Party. This complete bias is obvious to almost all Americans.

In 2012, the media constantly promoted the idea that Mitt Romney was the only person who could beat President Obama. However, once they got their preferred Republican nominee, they quickly destroyed him, to make sure that Obama was re-elected. This strategy worked so well that they’re doing it again.

Mohammed Ali’s “Rope a Dope” strategy lured his opponent in by letting them believe they were winning. Then, he would unleash a devastating knockout punch.

The media uses this “Rope a Dope” strategy to convince Republicans that Donald Trump is their man. While pretending to be against him, Trump is actually getting 25 times more media coverage than all the other Republican candidates combined. The news media knows that candidates with the most news coverage do best in the polls, and those doing best in the polls almost always win elections.

With Trump’s shady business and political influence dealings, they can easily destroy him. However, the media is also helping Trump hide his liberal beliefs. The historical evidence of Trump’s liberalism is easily accessible, and yet, the media is completely ignoring it.

The fact is they will be just as happy to see Donald Trump as president, as they would a Democrat. However, there’s still a small chance that Republicans will wake up to this media ploy and choose a real defender of freedom and democracy as their candidate. Pray we will.

Richard Kosnik, Oakhurst

Almost choked

As I drove home from work last Sunday, expecting to enjoy the crisp, clean air of the mountains, I couldn’t believe the number of burn piles smoldering away, all without exception, unattended.

First, it is apparent that these people do not remember the massive wild fires in the mountains just a few months ago, all of which ravaged thousands of acres and at least one of which was due to a burn pile gone afoul.

Second, it is apparent that these people do not understand the concept of a “clean burn…” and give absolutely no care whatsoever to the air that all of us in the mountains breathe.

Third, it is most sadly apparent that these people care only about themselves, and give no care to anyone else. Otherwise, they would choose another way to dispose of their yard waste, thus keeping the air clean and keeping the mountains a safe place to live.

Does it matter that burn piles are a legal method of disposing of yard waste? It shouldn’t matter - It simply should be illegal.

Kevin Lee Jonas, Oakhurst

Mutual respect

Count me among those who will miss J. R. Froelich. J. R. and I were miles apart in political ideas, but not in our friendship and mutual respect.

We had some fun in print some years ago. I had written a letter to the Sierra Star taking him to task for something he had written in his column – I can’t remember what. He responded to my letter in his column, I wrote another letter and he responded again in his column.

That’s what a newspaper does through letters to the editor and guest commentaries - allowing its readers to voice differing opinions on a variety of subjects.

But it went beyond the print. Between issues, we were talking with each other, sharing what we were going to write next, and even giving each some pointers. Both of us were having fun.

Ironically, some people got angry with me for things I had said about J. R., and others got angry with J. R. for things he had said about me. But we never got angry with each other. Never.

J. R. was a good man who saw the world differently than I do, but that was okay with both of us.

Ed Bailey, Oakhurst