Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor - week of Dec. 10

Christmas Carol magical

Dear Editor,

The production of “A Christmas Carol - A New Musical” this past weekend at Sierra Pines Church was magical with a dash of marvelous. The play’s opening scene has members of the town singing the classic “God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman” which grabbed the audience.

The story centers around a curmudgeon named Ebeneezer Scrooge that does not believe in the spirit of Christmas. He is a rich older man that doesn’t donate anything to the less fortunate and when children of limited means come to his office asking for donations, he turns them out.

Ebeneezer was known in the town as a humbug and one night his opinions began to change when he is visited by four spirits on the night of Christmas Eve.

The first was the spirit of his late business partner Jacob Marley, who warned Ebeneezer that he was going to be visited by three other spirits that same night and if Ebeneezer wasn’t cautious he himself would become the same like his business partner before him.

Marley left and Ebeneezer was visited by the first spirit. She was a vision in white and showed him his past and this portrayal of these scenes was a spectacle and amazing singing and with such life.

The present Ebeneezer then sees his late sister Belle and her husband together and them speaking about him because her husband saw Ebeneezer in town earlier that day. Belle begins to pity Ebeneezer and this is far more than the present Ebeneezer can stand so he dismisses the spirit.

The next spirit is the Spirit of Christmas Present. He shows Ebeneezer how Christmas is going to be if he keeps his terrible and selfish ways. The spirit warns him to beware of both greed and want.

Ebeneezer then is visited by the last spirit who doesn’t speak and shows Ebeneezer his future and how his death is rejoiced because he was such a cruel man.

Ebeneezer promises to become a much better and caring person after this night. He said he is going to live in the past, present, and future, and the three spirits are going to be a part of him.

The production is an amazing display of modern dancing and songs that add great entertainment of this classic that continues to be by the legendary Charles Dickens.

You can see the production this Friday or Saturday at 7 p.m., or Sunday at 2 p.m. - Don’t miss it.

Ninamarie Camarena, Ahwahnee

We already have services

Dear Editor,

When I moved up here to our beautiful undeveloped community, I couldn’t have been happier. Now I read the article in the Nov. 26 Sierra Star how they are building a strip mall at the entrance to Yosemite Lakes Park and Highway 41.

The article states that they sent out a whole 100 fliers to see what people wanted on that corner. It seems they sent them out just to people who would agree with the plan to ruin our beautiful community. There are more than 4,000 people in YPL alone, and I can guess that only about a third of the people want to become a community of strip malls.

There isn’t any reason to have a real estate office there. We already have one in the park. Also, there is already a dental office in the park, and a gas station. What is this going to do to the great grocery store and other businesses we already have established?

Also, we have a wonderful restaurant at the golf course and that is all we need to get a good meal and a cup of coffee. All the eating places at Black Hawk Lodge haven’t stayed in business very long. Why do you think an upscale coffee house will stay in business?

Harriet Gallion, Yosemite Lakes Park