Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor - week of June 4

Excellent article

Dear Editor,

I just wanted to thank you for the excellent May 28 article on the beetle infestation.

As a resident of North Fork, it is all too obvious of the toll the beetles have taken throughout our area.

However, I am left to wonder if the logging industry were still in full force, would the beetles be affecting as many trees. When the loggers thin the forests, there is less stress on remaining trees, especially during a drought season.

Maybe the state and county agencies were too quick to shut down the logging, due to the Spotted Owl and who knows what else. We may still have the owl, but at what cost?

Per your article, we learned many other animals and plants are also affected by the beetle infestation, like the loosening of soils causing damage to the entire ecological system.

All we can do now is to react to the situation we are left with from overgrown forests and a severe drought. Sad.

Carol Eggink, North Fork

Supporting Yosemite Badger Youth Football

Dear Editor,

Our Yosemite Badger Youth Football board and its members would like to thank the community, sponsors, volunteers and participants who supported our Second Annual Chili Cook-Off fundraiser last Saturday at the Oakhurst Community Center.

The community and businesses were very generous to our organization by donating several nice prizes for our silent auction.

The winner of the Chili Cook-Off was the Buck-Miller team (Buck Scoggs, Josh Miller), and they were kind enough to donate the $200 in prize money back to our youth football program.

YBYF has been informed that Minarets will not be having a youth football or youth cheer program this season. The Yosemite Badger Youth Football program continues to accept new players and invites former Minarets players to sign-up for YBYF.

If you have any questions or would like an enrollment packet, go to YosemiteBadgerYouthFootball.com.

Sandra Wade, Cori McMechan, YBYF fundraising, Ahwahnee