Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor - week of May 21

Atwood is incorrect

Dear Editor,

I would like to respond to Bill Atwood with regards to his column “Getting a pass,” in the May 14 edition of the Star. I was fine with the content of the column about how actors and athletes get a pass for their fine looks and famous status until you brought God and the Judeo Christian aspects of morality into the equation. You are incorrect in your assertion that “morals must be based upon a belief in God or else the morals lack the reason to exist.”

Historically Judeo/Christians are in the minority, and to claim the righteous high ground on their belief system is repugnant. Many centuries and millennium were ruled by the Temple and the Church and the record of moral destruction is infamous.

Indigenous peoples worldwide have suffered the effects of the organized tyrants. The shear amount of texts and art of the ancients were destroyed by the Crusaders, Missionaries, Zealots and Zionists was deplorable. Texts that were older than Christ and Moses that showed how to live in a peaceful society through shared abundance and charity.

My second problem was that you maligned Lucy. Lucy? I Love Lucy? The everyman aspect of Lucy was the appeal of the show. On what planet do you reside where Lucy Ricardo is the “manipulative, selfish, greedy, sneaky, demanding, self centered and uncaring” and that is unlike yourself or myself? The wonderful thing about “I Love Lucy” is that we all could relate to her.

Lastly, all cheaters are unworthy of praise and should be dealt with according to what laws are in place to deal with such actions. The threat of burning in Hell is of no consequence to anyone who is capable of committing acts that are based in falsehoods.

Joe Sweat, Oakhurst