Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor - week of 4/23/15

Support YHS sober grad

Dear Editor,

Yosemite High School graduation is quickly approaching and we are once again seeking your help for our “Safe & Sober Grad Party,” for 2015 graduating seniors, on June 5, at Camp Oakhurst immediately following the graduation ceremony. This event has taken place and been very successful for many years because of the generosity of the people, businesses and service organizations in our community.

Last year’s Sober Grad Night was a true success due in large to the generosity of this great mountain community coming together and supporting it’s graduating seniors.

As in years past we have given away many great prizes that students have found useful in their college and young adult life after high school. Prizes have included small appliances, cash prizes, sporting goods, merchandise gift certificates, services, and even cars.

We hope this year we can again count on Mountain Area businesses and individuals for their donations of time, money, energy, prizes, services, food or the many other ways people have found to help us make this a safe, fun and successful celebration for our hardworking graduating seniors.

Members of our Sober Grad committee are anxious to get the final plans and preparations for this special event under way. Committee members will be coming around in the next few weeks to seek donations, and can provide a receipt for your tax-deductible donation. If you are able to make a donation, please feel free to send your donations or request a visit from a committee member.

Contact me (559-676-0942) or send donations to the school - Yosemite High School PTA, 50200 Road 427, Oakhurst, Calif., 93644 .

We are also having a Pancake Breakfast,7-11 a.m., Saturday, May 9, at the Oakhurst Community Center. This event is being sponsored by the Oakhurst Kiwanis Club. We also have a special prize drawing happening that day.

Kimberly Smith, YHS Sober Grad Committee, Oakhurst

WalMart in Oakhurst

Dear Editor,

Oakhurst and the surrounding area, such as Coarsegold, Ahwahnee, Bass Lake, North Fork, Raymond and Mariposa are in a great need of a Target or WalMart. The population is in these areas to have one.

I see a lot of signs in Oakhurst that say shop local, or come in and shop. A Target or WalMart would save the local area people a trip to Fresno. It would keep people here to shop the local area more. It would also generate jobs.

When people go to Fresno, they spend the day. They shop, have lunch, then shop smaller stores.

We have four grocery stores and three pizza places, also other places you can order pizza. How many places can you buy underwear in Oakhurst?

Edward A. Roberts, Oakhurst

Pray for rain

Dear Editor,

In February 2014 Obama came to California to look at the drought conditions. Crowds yelled for Jerry Brown to solve our drought problem. How far we have turned away from God.

The government cannot provide rain - only God sends rain - “In God we Trust” is the US motto.

Second Chronicles 7:14 says “if my people who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, forgive their sin and heal their land.”

Please join us to pray for rain.

Nancy Harmelin, Oakhurst

Good for the community

Dear Editor,

I read the article on Harry Baker dated April 9 in the Sierra Star. I knew he gave us the park and was good to his employees at Sierra Telephone. I, like many others in Oakhurst, didn’t know the many other good things he did for our community. My family went to the Christmas tree lighting each year we have been here. He took his employees to Tenaya Lodge at Christimas time.

According to the story, he started the Boys & Girls Club, supported Yosemite High School and gave scholarships to some graduating seniors. I used to see him around Oakhurst in his military hat because he was proud of serving his country, as was I.

I believe he was set up by the young girl and her cousin. Harry’s only mistake was turning the tape over to the police. From that point, I believe he was harassed by the police and our legal system. Judge Johnathan Conklin shouldn’t be on the bench and he had lousy lawyers representing him.

He will be missed in our community. God bless Harry.

B. Sullivan, Oakhurst

Any plan?

Dear Editor,

The letter from Steward Case last week makes interesting points. I wrote some time back about using/training the CDC workers,who helped stop the Junction Fire, to cut down dead pines and cedars for residents. His suggestion of using timber industry could also prove effective. Some residents might need to be convinced of removing dead trees from their private property but with help with removal, they might be more prone to the suggestion. What I don’t hear or read are any comments from our mountain government on any plan to protect our communities from fire this season.

The land adjacent to our homes in my neighborhood has so many dead pines, I couldn't guess the number. Between 30 to 400 feet from my property alone are at least 20 dead pines. I have no control in the remaining 70 feet of defensible space to protect my property. The Junction Fire was stopped just below those initial pines and many pines have died since the fire. If it were not for the DC tanker, had those pines caught fire, we surely would have lost our homes.

The information about hardening homes against fire is good, such as vent covers, metal roofs, etc., but not everyone is in the position to do or pay for those things to be done. But when so many obviously dead pines are adjacent to residential property, and 90% of homes destroyed is due to embers, doesn’t or shouldn’t there have to be some kind of a plan to address the danger?

Mary Herrmann, Oakhurst