Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor - week of 4/9/15

Alcohol-free prom

Dear Editor,

Prom holds lifelong memories, but I did not go. I played sports at high schools in San Joaquin County and graduated from Tracy High in 1993 in a wheelchair. I never planned to end school like that.

When I was 16 in 1992, a drunken driver hit me head-on. The collision caused a coma, brain injuries, and paralysis with multiple broken and dislocated bones.

I stayed in two hospitals for seven months and 17 months of therapy followed. Not a life a teenager expects.

Some teens believe drinking alcohol is mixed in with the fun. That is wrong, especially if driving is included. Why copy a drunken driver?

My dreams for life unexpectedly ended after a drunken driver hit me.

Although I can not drive, I hear perfectly now, and can talk and walk. That is a huge achievement.

My letters in newspapers throughout California and speeches at Central Valley schools brought more sober drivers to the roads.

Teenagers, show us you have learned: Do not drink and drive. This saves lives, including yours.

Lori Martin, Tracy

Fight the fight

Dear Editor,

I have read Mr. Froelich’s articles and am happy to say that I support his conservative position wholeheartedly. I just read about his return of cancer and was saddened.

That said, I feel he is a fighter and will trust God to carry him through this battle.

In this life there are no guarantees of being sickness free.

We have all had loved ones and not so loved ones who have endured and survived and were given extra years to continue on and contribute to make this a better world. Others continue and do not provide any positive contribution.

In Mr. Froelich's case, he is a positive contributor and I look forward to his quick return.

I am sure he is on many people’s hearts as they will keep him in their prayers for a quick cancer free recovery.

Mr. Froelich, fight the fight and return to us stronger than before.

Wynn Simon, Oakhurst

McClintock and our water problems

Dear Editor,

In regards to Peter Cavanaugh’s column on the meeting at Oakhurst Elementary School late April, I was there. I asked Congressman Tom McClintock why we weren’t investing in desalination plants. His reply was that they were too expensive.

In the Navy, we had our own desalination units on our ship for bathing and drinking water.

Many people now see them as the only solution to our water problem for the long run. The multi-billion dollar high speed rail system should be shelved and we should begin building plants along the coast.

Put the money where it is really needed, or someday, with trees dying from lack of water, and our forest and cities burning, what will we use to fight the fires?

B. Sullivan, Oakhurst

Big thank you to mountain community

Dear Editor,

On behalf of Valley Children’s Hospital, I would like to thank you for your support on Kids Day 2015. On March 3, many volunteers helped on the 28th annual one-day event. Our local community with many generous donors, donated a total of $5,704.

A big thank you to Yosemite Bank for allowing us the site to pick up papers and drop off, the many students from North Fork Elementary, Yosemite High, and the Oakhurst Community College, the team from Wells Faro Bank, as well as other dedicated volunteers who spent hours selling the special edition of The Fresno Bee.

Kids Day 2014 reached a record of $506,000, and we are currently at $500,000 this year, and still counting. Keep your fingers crossed for another record-breaking year. Thank you, again, for all your support.

Brian Gearhart, Oakhurst

Shared views

Dear Editor,

I was saddened to hear of J.R. Froelich’s illness and wanted him to know that I appreciate his views and column in our local newspaper.

I have read his column several times and found it truthful and delightful. Glad to hear my views are shared, and that someone else out there also believes as I do.

Thank you very much and I hope he returns soon. God bless him and his, a new reader of ... “In My Opinion.”

LaNeta Faye Bryan, Coarsegold