Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor - 3/26/15 edition

Dear Editor,

I am dead against permitting Vulcan to operate a rock quarry at Highway 41 and Road 145.

I will leave debating the reasons why we should not have the Quarry to the others, who are more informed than I am, but I would like to mention what happened at the Tom Wheeler Town Hall Meeting on Feb. 26, at the Yosemite Lakes Park Clubhouse.

I noticed the following:

1. Mr. Wheeler keeps saying, he is not allowed to have an opinion about the project at this time - but he does. He managed to minimize two of our main concerns - mainly the traffic situation and the possibility that surrounding wells could go dry due to the proposed quarry.

2. Helen Brown from YLP gave the attendees the opportunity to add their names to the anti-quarry petition, by placing a sign-up sheet on Tom Wheelers table. Shortly after, she was asked by an assistant to Mr. Wheeler to remove the sign-up sheet as it was illegal. To be clear, neither Mr. Wheeler nor the county paid to use the hall, chairs or tables.

3. When Mrs. Brown handed Mr. Wheeler the petition sheet with 173 signatures, (which could have been more if the sign-up sheet was not removed), he stated the public time for input was closed. I double checked this by calling Mr. Matt Trebor at the Madera County planning department. He informed me the petition will be filed, but will not be considered when the consulting firm, Benchmark Inc, planning staff, and the supervisors meet behind closed doors. Incidentally, the consulting firm is paid by Vulcan for its services.

At the meeting when I was asking questions, I was asked by Mr. Wheeler to sit down.Last I checked, we have not yet become like an Eastern Monarchy, where people are told when to bend over, bow, and shut up.

There is absolutely no transparency, so I suggest they re-create the flow charts so public input will be allowed all the way up to when county officials cast their vote on the project.

Finally, if you feel strongly about the Vulcan situation, please utilize the Sierra Star editorial page to let all of us know your opinion.

One way or the other, be sure to let our elected officials and staff, who are supposed to represent us, know that we expect that the YLP petition will be considered.

Hank VanSloten, Oakhurst

What’s the real purpose?

Dear Editor,

As I have not as of today, received any letter that “outlined the county’s reasons for mandated trash service,” I am wondering what is the real purpose? I’m not sure what “to divert 75% of solid waste (trash) from disposal” really means. Are that many people not properly disposing of their trash or are not enough people recycling their trash?

From where is this solid waste coming from and going to? I recycle everything recyclable and go with three bags/cans of trash and many recycle bags every three months to Red Rock for $5. Emadco charges $69.39 every three months in advance. Therefore, am I going to have to pay another fee of $277.56 a year for a service I have no need of?

Educating the public about recycling and perhaps providing large containers in various locations that can be picked up by Emadco could be an initial start, if that is the problem.

Without other options available, it just seems somebody is getting another chunk of my money and I have nothing to say about it.

Mary Herrmann, Oakhurst

Defending Netanyahu

Dear Editor,

If I correctly understood Peter Cavanaugh’s February 26th column, he seemed to be opposed to Prime Minister of Israel Netanyahu’s address to Congress, in part because of Netanyahu’s “horribly one-sided retribution against relatively ineffective rocket attacks from Hamas ...” in last summer’s Gaza war.

Perhaps Cavanaugh would be more open to Netanyahu’s visit if more Israelis were killed to even the score, or perhaps he would be placated if Israel’s military was less effective in defending its civilian cities, schools and synagogues from the Hamas terrorist rockets and tunnels.

I only hope that our government would be as effective as the Israeli government in defending its citizens from terrorist attacks.

Mickey Rappaport, O’Neals

Nonsense list

Dear Editor,

I can not let Alan Cheah’s March 5 column pass without comment.

His suggestion that had Al Gore been president, 9/11 would not have happened, is so foolish that it must rank at the top of any list of nonsense, left or right.

Mr. Cheah seems to forget that until Jan. 20, 2001, Gore was part of the Clinton administration during which time Osama and company were planning such attacks. What was done then to disrupt those plans?

Perhaps VP Gore was too busy inventing the Internet.

Lawrence Haugen, Ahwahnee

Right wing diatribes

Dear Editor.

I've often wondered why the Sierra Star continues to publish the hatred-infused dillusionary right-wing diatribes by one Mr J.R. Froelich.

Certainly you must realize that his acidic vitriole could only serve to incite those on the fringe who might already be contemplating acts of deplorable nature against those of more rational and humanitarian consciousness.

But then it occurred to me. You must be holding this man up as an example to the peace-loving populace as to the extent of which the consciousness of the proponents of far-right wing philosophy have degenerated.

It is truly manna-from-heaven to democrats and people of benevolent faith everywhere.

Joe Nelson, Oakhurst