Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Austin Quarry

Dear Editor,

Recently you have probably received in your mail a “No on Austin Quarry” flier from the Madera Oversight Coalition (MOC.) I usually throw most notices like that in the trash, but this one is important. MOC is a good organization, that I have been involved with it since it began.

Their purpose is to get the county government to follow its own rules, and to protect us against dangerous developments. Their stated objective is “to encourage responsible growth through adherence to California land use law and the Madera County General Plan, and to promote the health, safety and welfare of the public in Madera County.”

The proposed Austin quarry is definitely against our interest. As the flier states, it would create only 15 jobs, pay too little in taxes, use three million gallons of water per day, and add a huge number of trucks to Highway 41 and 145.

Please let the Madera County Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors know that you oppose the quarry. Since they tend to approve anything that sounds like development, they need to hear from a large number of people.

Barbara Ulman, Coarsegold

Note: The public comments period for the Austin Quarry Revised Draft EIR has been extended to Jan. 5. The document is available by contacting the Madera County Planning Department, (559) 675-7821. Comments should be addressed to Matt Treber, c/o Madera County Board of Supervisors, 200 W. 4th Street, Madera, Calif., 93637, or my email to matthew.treber@madera-county.com.