Letters to the Editor

Wild-eyed epithets

Dear Editor,

While working as a housekeeper, gardener, receptionist, and editor of my college newsletter, I managed to earn a bachelor’s degree from the University of California in the late 1980s. It was well worth the effort, and I strongly recommend the experience of college for every person who can manage to devote a few years to the effort.

Because I can speak from experience, I write this letter to suggest to Mr. J.R. Froelich that, contrary to his claim in one of his recent columns, it was not the dispositions of his “wing-nut, wacko, skinhead” college professors which caused his failure to graduate. Much more likely is that the basic requirement for succeeding in college, which is a capacity to think rationally, is what tripped him up.

Why does the Sierra Star devote space to the pitiful hallucinations and garbled hate-speech of Mr. Froelich?

If the Star would simply publish the school writing assignments of local third-graders in place of Mr. Froleich’s commentary, the ‘opinion’ page would be instantly more illuminating, coherent, and useful to the community.

We have so many real problems to suffer such mania disguised as ideas. Surely, amongst all the residents of Eastern Madera County, you can find a person to cobble together a few thoughts worthy of publication. Froelich can muster only wild-eyed epithets.

Max Wheaton, North Fork