Letters to the Editor

Student support

Dear Editor,

As you know, Ms. Scot, one of the teachers at Yosemite High School came out as transgender. There has been an unnecessary uproar over the issue, and she's faced some opposition and criticism.

The majority of students at the high school fully support her transition, and we are proud of her for being true to herself. She is a kind and accepting teacher and individual, and truly cares about her students. Her gender doesn't change our opinion about her, and it doesn't change her ability to teach. We as a generation choose to be progressive and accepting of all people. We strive for equality regardless of gender, religion, skin color, or anything. All people deserve to be treated with kindness and grace. Ms. Scot isn't any different from any of us, and she should be treated respectfully, the same way you would treat any woman.

Is her transition shocking? No. No it's not. It's normal for someone to change. Change is normal. Is it evil? No. It is the furthest thing from evil. It is brave. It is honest. We hope that people will come to accept her, and all others like her for who they are. I challenge everyone to open their eyes and see that people are people, just as the students here know very well. I challenge fear. I challenge hate. I challenge ignorance. And I implore this community to open our arms wide with love and acceptance.

YHS students Nico Hatfield, Mikayla McCoy, Ashley Sisk, Thaddeus Mele, Amiya Bracken