Letters to the Editor

Confessions of a good grandmother

Dear Editor,

"All is takes for evil to prosper is for the good people to do nothing" — Edmund Burke.

When they turned the hoses and dogs on the black people, I stayed in my church and prayed. When the Roe versus Wade law was passed, I stayed in my church and prayed. When the same sex marriage law was passed, when the bathroom law was passed and when they took the prayer and Bible out of the classroom, I stayed in my church and prayed.

Now I am asked to sympathize with Mr. Gary Sconce for his sadness at losing his wife, his family, his house and his church — all the result of his actions. He said he was sorry for all the people he has hurt, but he begs us to rejoice with him for the incomprehensible joy he has found.

The Bible tells us we are to be the salt of the earth and the light of the world. But if the salt, which is a preservative, has lost its flavor, it is good for nothing. And if our light is hidden under a bushel, how can that light shine and let our good works be seen?

So now, instead of staying in my church and praying, I intend to keep on praying and to try to be the salt and light that the Bible tells us to be. Let our voices be heard. Let's not continue to be a part of the silent majority. Prayer is never a substitute for human responsibility.

Audrey Ashlock, Coarsegold