Letters to the Editor

We can not judge

Dear Editor,

A person may feel they are setting their family free by living out the truth about who they feel they are, this desire may have been there in this person his or her whole life. In this person's heart, there may be the desire stop a lie that has gone on for way too long, to finally be honest with oneself as well as to those they love.

We can not judge this person, we have no right to do so. We only have opinions formed by our own convictions and beliefs. I can only imagine the insanity and the internal struggle of a desire to change oneself (gender) so overwhelming as to act on it.

It is a self-serving act, to stop the pain and the insanity. I sense that a person who seems so giving also thought of the pain of the family and the possibility of rejection, but I respect the brutal honesty of this person.

This person's family did not ask for this. Wounds will heal but the scars will always remain. This family needs time for healing; the one thing I am sure about is they will always have love for each other. All we can do is pray for them — the family — to find acceptance of the reality of the choice made by him / her.

Glenn R. Crosson, Coarsegold