Letters to the Editor

McClintock afraid of competition?

Dear Editor,

Art Moore, a military veteran, businessman, and Republican, has filed to run for this Congressional District (his website is Art Moore for Congress). McClintock has reacted by sending out an email asking for money and claiming that Moore's campaign is by a "well-funded liberal coalition."

McClintock's proof is that "in the days leading up to the filing deadline, one Democrat after another pulled papers and then mysteriously withdrew," but this statement, like so many of McClintock's claims, is just not true. One Democrat (Kris Johnson) filed to run in January, but withdrew a month before the filing deadline. Most of McClintock's campaign money comes from outside this district (almost 90% of identified contributions in the last election), so his donors probably won't be aware of the facts.

McClintock has done a horrible job of representing our district. He supported the government shutdown which cost this area some $ 7 million dollars. His vote would have continued the shutdown. He introduced the Rim Fire Salvage bill which has no chance of becoming law, and he held a hearing on the Yosemite Plan two months after the public comment period was closed. All he was doing was getting publicity for himself.

Some people claim that McClintock has a perfect conservative rating, but these ratings are from Washington DC organizations that are mainly funded by billionaires. These billionaires, such as William Rose of Tennessee and Peter Thiel with his global investment firms, are not likely to know or care much about this Congressional District.

We deserve someone who will truly represent this district and who will work to get results. McClintock is not such a person.

Cayce Jones, Midpines