Letters to the Editor

District 1 endorsement

Dear Editor,

I have made a decision to retire from my position on the Madera County Board of Supervisors, representing District 1, at the end of my current term. This letter is to announce my wholehearted endorsement of Mona Diaz as the candidate I support to succeed me on the board in the upcoming election.

My reason for supporting Mona is not that we agree on everything. She is very independent and we have differing viewpoints on many issues. What Mona and the rest of the founding and current Golden Valley Board Members have accomplished made my decision easy.

My support for Mona Diaz is based on her long history of committing to a community project, and then seeing that project through to successful completion. Other candidates may make promises, but only Mona Diaz has shown me that she consistently follows through and gets the job done.

One of the main reasons that I felt comfortable not running for election was the announcement that Mona was going to enter the race. Most of the other candidates do not have the actual governmental experience and successful track record that Mona brings to the table.

Madera County faces many important challenges in the near and not too distant future which will require bold, decisive, and proven leadership.

As a private citizen, for a period that stretches more than three decades, Mona has devoted her time, energy and money to selfless public service. She has gotten a lot done for the people of Madera County already, and I know she will serve us well on the board of supervisors.

Manuel Nevarez, Madera