Letters to the Editor

Keitz gets our vote

Dear Editor,

It is well known that two individuals observing the same incident, at the same time, can have two different descriptions of what actually occurred. Such seems to be the case with the Feb. 28 Oakhurst debate sponsored by the Mountain Democrats for the office of Madera County District Attorney.

I was present at the debate with several of my Coarsegold neighbors and friends. We were all shocked to read the letter to the editor from Carol Moses in the March 13 edition of the Sierra Star. Yet we shouldn't have been. You see, Carol Moses is listed as an endorser of candidate David Linn so her accolades of his performance were anything but neutral.

Perhaps this explains how she, a woman, could have missed his demeaning comments to the one female candidate (Miranda Neal) regarding her present position and experience.

Perhaps she missed the fact that Mr. Linn's entire campaign has been about tearing down Mr. Keitz and the positive statistics produced by his office.

Imagine, criminals being concerned that if they do a crime in Madera, they might actually end up going to trial instead of being able to plea bargain out.

Mr. Linn offered nothing positive that was practical. His suggested solution to the transients in the Oakhurst Community Park was recognized as outdated by the courts. His offer to travel at his own expense to seek the best and brightest to work as prosecutors in Madera is also unrealistic. A Harvard or Yale law graduate is going to have offers from prestigious private law firms willing to pay much more than Madera County.

Like Mr. Keitz or not personally, his statistics speak for themselves and for all citizens concerned with law and order.

Considering the facts, he gets our vote.

Bing Hojlo, Coarsegold