Letters to the Editor

Whose business is it

Dear Editor,

In answer to the letter by Kathi Bales in the March 20 Sierra Star, yes, I am shocked that there are people like you, so anxious to express your bigoted positions about something that is so personal to someone else, and none of your or anyone else's business.

It is my opinion that the situation of the sex change of Gary Sconce/Karen Scot does not belong in the newspaper at all, and certainly not as the subject of a hate letter from you.

I am shocked that a town with so many churches everywhere you turn has so few Christians. One church has a sign by the post office in Coarsegold that warns Jesus is coming soon. I think not, and if He does come here, He will leave very soon and be very disappointed.

Years ago, I decided I didn't care much for Sconce because he expressed his politics too much in his classes, and I disagree with them. But, given the choice of a person trying to live his own life as best he can and a bunch of hateful people butting in, I am on the side of Gary/Karen and more power to her. Can we all mind our own business?

Joyce Stuhr, Coarsegold