Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor, Oct .18 edition | on Congress District 4 and state of Democrats

He’s endorsing Morse for Congress

Voters in District 4, It is time to decide who should represent us in Congress. Our current representative does not even live in our district.

I lived on a farm for many years and entered animals in the Mariposa County Fair. I was shocked in 2008 when he voted against Prop. 2 that was for the HUMANE treatment of farm animals. He stated, “Farm animals are food, not friends.”

He has signed a pledge to oppose all legislation that addresses global warming. He opposes Obamacare because preexisting conditions are a “nuisance”. He supported the Muslim Ban and the Border Wall, etc.

Surely, we can do better. Luckily, we have a promising candidate in Jessica Morse. Despite her youthful appearance and energy level, she has the experience to do the job. She has been awarded the Joint Civilian Achievement Award by the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Superior Honor Award by the U.S. Department of State for her work on Global Foreign Aid for the U.S. Agency for International Development.

Yes, we can do better. Mark your ballot for Jessica Morse for Congress in District 4.

Len Bryant, Mariposa

Any party but the Democratic Party

I’m disappointed with the undignified tweets from Trump, his values and many things he says. Still, the U.S. has a strong economy and is a formidable leader, without having to apologize for that.

The Democratic Party has been seized by radical liberals, especially California, where the middle-class is leaving the state.

Democrats, soft on crime, pushed Prop. 47 and now have even eliminated bail for potentially dangerous individuals.

Democrats are pushing this obvious, intolerant ideology, but it’s just ignored by the media. Extreme Democrats will even defend anarchists, like Antifa, and even gangs like MS-13. Gavin Newsom, running for governor, plans to end the war on drugs, eliminate ICE, provide free everything whether you are here legal or not.

Is this the Democratic Party you want to be part of? The one that is moving closer to a socialist platform with the election of more radicals, like socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and California-bred Kamala Harris, who embarrassed her party with her immature antics at the Kavanaugh hearings. Anyone witnessing the pathetic spectacle the Democrats showed at the hearings will be turned off by how radical they have become. They will want nothing to do with self-centered radicals like Cory Booker, K. Harris, R. Durbin, M. Hirono who happily had protesters disrupting the hearings. When that failed, they started a smear campaign in the media. When you are considered guilty by 40-year-old innuendo, there is no justice.

Democrats threatened Susan Collins and others over their vote. Dick Durbin said that the radical protesters, creating havoc at the hearings, were just the noise of democracy. Cory Booker said to the protesters, “get up in the face of some congress people.” Hillary Clinton summed it up by saying the Democrats can’t be civil until they take back the House and Senate. This behavior should cost the Democrats in the midterms.

I know that there are many Democrats who don’t like the direction the party is taking them, but are misled. I see the Democratic Party, currently, as the worst possible choice. My vote will just go for “any other party.”

Glenn Baxter, Ahwahnee