Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor, July 19 edition | Two sides to view of Supervisor Tom Wheeler

Not happy with Supervisor Wheeler

Sandra Forsberg’s letter (Sierra Star, July 5) hit the nail on the head. Nearly every week during the preelection for Madera County supervisor, Tom Wheeler put out front-page commentaries on all the things he intended to do if reelected. Fire and fire prevention got a lot of necessary attention from Mr. Wheeler as to his priorities. Thus, I felt hopeful that he might finally respond to my third letter to him in the past two years about a possible solution to reducing fire hazards where some of a property’s 100-foot clearance lies in another landowner’s property, especially in unmaintained property. But, unfortunately, as there was not even acknowledgment of our previous letters, let alone a conversation, there has been again, no response to our recent letter. Those of us who are not able to clear 100 feet around our homes, and that includes small and large properties, will have to wait in apprehension about the very real possibility of losing our homes this fire season.

How many of the residents living in the mountains in Mr. Wheeler’s district have had their home insurance go up or have actually been canceled due to insurance companies’ fire losses in California? Mine went up $800 this year, a neighbor lost their home insurance. For the nice salary and probably a nice retirement package our supervisor probably gets, we should at least have someone who addresses our concerns, our dangers. Hype is alive and well in the mountains and words of “thoughts and prayers” after tragedies are simply shallow and, when the tragedy could have at least been mitigated, unforgivable.

Mary Herrmann, Oakhurst

Support for Supervisor Wheeler

We are responding to the last two opinions regarding our county supervisor, Tom Wheeler.

Couple of questions for you:

1. Do you attend his monthly Town Hall meetings in each area of our district?

2. If you do, then you know it’s not a photo opp. Not only does Supervisor Wheeler provide updates on our district, members of Cal Fire, CHP, Environment, Social Services, Sheriff, Buildings and Permits and more. Tom and all of the above do these Town Halls to keep us informed and ON THEIR OWN TIME. Not paid to show up to keep you informed along with one-on-ones to answer any questions or concerns. We do not see any other representatives holding Town Halls in our district. Showing up at events to be available and keep the community feel alive is a positive. If anyone can provide where a rep in our district holds meetings, in person, please let us know by responding. Thank you Supervisor Wheeler and all the departments in our district for all that you do for us.

You can go to the county website to see when a meeting will be held in your area. If you missed your area, attend the next one, the teams are available to answer questions for our district.

Todd and Debbie Jackson, Coarsegold