Letters to the Editor

She agrees with Sobel’s assessment of Wheeler win

Responding to Mr. Sobel’s open letter to Supervisor Tom Wheeler (June 28), I could not agree more with what he said. It is unfortunate that Tom Wheeler has won another election for another four years as our supervisor. Lots to be said for having term limits. It appears that the main job of Tom’s is to show up at every event that comes along in our community just to be seen and heard. From the Golden Chain to the Rib Fest to Bingo night, you name it and Tom is there. It would be a better service to our community if he concentrated more on trying to get a hospital built here, get us more firefighters and more firehouses, and try to improve Blood Alley (Highway 41), where yet another person was killed in a head-on collision recently. He endorsed a motorcycle park in Coarsegold, (thank God it did not get through), but maybe if he put his time and energy in things that would benefit us all, it would be a better use of his time. As head of the Board of Supervisors, he certainly could do much more for us.

Mr. Wheeler thinks nothing about approving a roundabout for North Fork (where he lives), but when it comes to really giving our Mountain Area the improvements we need, he falls very short on that. His limiting the time his constituents at his town hall meetings can speak is another area that I agree with Mr. Sobel on. Some of us have some very valid points and issues that need to be addressed, but I guess Tom just likes to hear himself speak, and forget about anyone else.

In closing, all I can say is God help us with him at the helm for another four years.

Sandra Forsberg, Coarsegold