Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor, May 17 edition: Dollar General; endorsement for Morse

Dollar General turn lane

The requirement for the Dollar General Store to be able to open was to have a middle turn lane. The store opened without that requirement last December.

Last week I almost got hit by a propane truck as I was going to make the turn off of Highway 41.

What is it going to take to get that required turn lane? Four hundred residents signed a petition against the opening of the store because of the increased traffic problem it could cause. Also the Indian Lakes Property Owners’ Association Board members were against the opening of the store.

Let’s get that requirement done.

Morse for Congress

The California Primary is coming up on June 5 and the people of District 4 will be casting their vote for the office of U.S. Congressional Representative currently held by Tom McClintock. The top two vote-getters will run against each other in the November election.

As a constituent of District 4, I have been unhappy with Tom McClintock as my representative in Washington. His positions on the economy, the environment and health care, in my opinion, do not represent the people of his mostly rural district. If any of you feel the same way and are looking for an alternative candidate, please consider voting for Jessica Morse (who happens to be a Democrat). Since she actually lives in District 4 (unlike Tom McClintock), Jessica is concerned with affordable health care, quality education, the health of the environment, affordable access to broadband and the internet and, most of all, equal representation for each and every constituent. Of the four Democratic candidates, Jessica Morse, I believe, is the strongest and the most likely to beat Tom McClintock in the November 2018 election.