Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor - Jan. 25 edition

I commend Congressman McClintock

I want to thank Charles Bednar (Sierra Star, Jan. 8 edition) for bringing Congressman Tom McClintock’s speech in favor of the tax relief bill to my attention. I hope everyone will read it at (mcclintock.house.gov/newsroom/speeches/morning-again-in-america). In it, he makes a compelling case for the bill that is already making very positive improvements in our economy.

Every day I read about companies that are announcing bonuses and raises for their employees or plans for major new investments in America as a result of the bill. That’s exactly what Congressman McClintock predicted would happen.

Mr. Bednar says the tax cut won’t help the middle class, but he is flat-out wrong. A report from the House Ways and Means Committee reports an average family in our congressional district will save $1,900 next year. Check out a website called taxplancalculator.com for your own tax savings.

However, personal tax savings is only part of the picture. The new tax bill significantly benefits businesses, many of which are planning to return their overseas operations back to the U.S. which now has a competitive business tax rate to other countries.

Instead of criticizing McClintock, Mr. Bednar should be thanking him for voting to put extra spending power in his pocket.

I’m old enough to remember the Reagan tax cuts and the decade of prosperity we enjoyed as a result. And, because I’m currently experiencing positive movement in my own retirement profile under President Trump, I want to commend Congressman McClintock for holding out for a much better deal for us overtaxed Californians and for making the case for pro-growth tax cuts so eloquently.

Clyde C. Wheeler, Coarsegold

Are you smart enough?

What happens when a person of integrity, authority and competence successfully begins to expose and engage corruption, incompetence and apathy? Most often, those who are guilty of the corruption and incompetence begin to scream and cry and predictably, try to fight back with lies, false allegations and slurs. This is exactly what is happening to David Linn, our District Attorney.

Linn has begun to expose the corruption, graft and abuses of our county officials, whether elected, appointed or employed. He has successfully begun to expose the incompetence, ineptitude and shortcomings of county board of supervisors’ members and even his own staff. They are fighting back with false accusations and outright lies that are so ridiculous, only a person with a liberal or simpleminded nature would fall for them. Unfortunately, many have.

Are our county supervisors, sheriffs’ deputies and county employees corrupt? Investigate it yourself! Get engaged and start asking the questions yourself. Are the employees who work under District Attorney Linn corrupt and are they covering their bad behavior through false accusations? Investigate it yourself. Ask the questions.

Linn is preparing to prosecute corruption against two of the members of the Board of Supervisors. One disgruntled employee in his office has complained about him. That employee has done the same thing in two other counties. That’s who is making accusations against him for making “racially insensitive comments”.

Are you smart enough to see past these ridiculous and false allegations? I guess we’ll see.

Mark Fisher, Coarsegold