Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor - Jan. 4 edition

Guard rails needed on Deadwood

Many years ago when we first moved up to the mountains, I asked Cal Trans, why there aren’t guard rails on the curves of Deadwood on Highway 41.

The answer to me basically was that no one had died going off the edge and that a study needs to be done.

In the last few weeks there have been numerous accidents on Deadwood and people have gone off the road and over the edge.

I have spoken with the California Highway Patrol regarding one specific area that has been cleared of trees. They checked with Cal Trans and they said that they would put reflectors in that one area.. Somehow I don’t think that reflectors will keep a car from going over the edge and the trees are not there to catch a car. This is a curve that concerns many of our citizens of the Mountain Area.

There are many more areas along the Deadwood part of Highway 41 that need guardrails, evident by the amount of cars that have gone over recently.

I even know some people that will not drive on Deadwood if they have a choice. I have spoken to many friends, and there is a general concern for the people that use that road daily including the families that go to Fresno, those that work daily in the Valley, and the many tourists that drive big motor homes that they have never driven before going on mountain vacations.

And the roadway becomes even more dangerous with snow and ice not uncommon on Deadwood. Everyone, please drive carefully.

I have spoken with San Yniquez Cal Trans District 6, Fresno, (559) 444-2518. He said that he has had a similar call. Please let him know you are concerned.

Vivian Helena, Coarsegold