Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor - Dec. 6 edition

Reading Wonder

I just read an amazing book called Wonder by R.J. Palacio in my Book Club at school, led by Mrs. Franck and Mrs. Davis.

Wonder is a book about a ten year old boy named August. August is not your normal everyday ten year old; well, not on the outside anyway. August was born with a deformed face. He had a lot of surgeries, but he still didn’t look “normal.”

August has been home schooled his whole life and is now going into fifth grade. His mom thinks it is now a good time to put him in public school. He is not looking forward to going to school. August is not surprised when he finds out that school is full of bullies and judgmental people, but he is pleasantly surprised to find there are also friendships waiting for him.

I think people should read this amazing book that really teaches that you can’t judge something or someone by the way they are on the outside until you know who they are on the inside. It teaches you to choose kindness and not judge a book by its cover ... or in this case, a boy by his face.

If you judge someone by how they look you can end up really hurting someone’s feelings and miss out on knowing someone who could positively affect your life.

Corra Montgomery, 7th grader at Mountain Home School

Doesn’t he remember?

What on earth is this Peter Cavanaugh talking about? Blaming Donald Trump? Is he so young he doesn’t remember Bill Clinton and all the women he and his wife destroyed - these two and their war room of James Carvel, George Stephanopoulos, and many others.

These fine folks destroyed Monica Lewinsky. Thank God, she saved the “blue dress.” Only now are the big networks saying we should have listened. Just talk to Betty Broderick, Paula Jones, Jennifer Flowers and others. Sorry, it’s too late.

If Ray Moore is guilty, sock it to him. Hillary now says every woman should be heard, that she looks out for women.

Where was she when it counted? She is full of empty words. One word for her phoney. Remember how Hilary wanted a recount in Michigan and Trump started getting more votes, so they stopped that? I am not convinced she even got the popular vote.

Thanks Monica for the “blue dress.” Otherwise, they would all have been called liars.

Freida Worley, Coarsegold