Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor - Nov. 30 edition

“Abusive” behavior?

I think if we are to discover, define and judge, “abusive” behavior we need only go to the video archives of the Madera County Board of Supervisors meetings and witness the often abusive/offensive behavior and verbal treatment of staff and the public by certain members of the Board.

District Attorney, Linn could possibly be successfully accused of “abrasive” (not abusive) behavior because of his well-known low tolerance for greed, ignorance, crime or dereliction of duty. Hardly a trait worthy of censure and, in fact, just what many are looking for in a county top cop.

AG Linn has demonstrated that no one is above the law and that he doesn’t play nice with those who think they are regardless of their financial or political status.

This one doesn’t pass the smell test.

Ray Krause, O’Neals

Smells a rat

I recently read of the allegations against Madera County District Attorney David Linn of being insensitive in his interactions between himself and staff. I read in its entirety the sanction from the Madera County Board of Supervisors and I read the report from the “private” investigator hired by the board of supervisors.

I did not support David Linn’s first election run and my only exposure to him has been at political action meetings or community events. That said, fair is fair and I smell a rat. This is the second election cycle that the supervisors have had it in for the incumbent DA. The supervisors are under scrutiny for possible violations of the Brown Act which regulates governing bodies regarding public and behind closed door actions of the board.

Interesting that now as we approach the next election cycle that will determine the DA’s future as well as the continued public service of supervisors, suddenly the board finds fault with the DA.

I smell a rat and that odor emanates from the chambers of the board of supervisors, not the DA’s office. Let’s replace all sitting board members and return the BOS to the people of Madera County. The board members up for re-election this election cycle have distinguished themselves as not deserving of re-election. They have wasted hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars on foolish, over-valued, good ol’ boy backed projects like coffee kiosks in the county government center, an off-road vehicle park, a foolishly over-priced welcome to Madera County sign along Highway 41 and the ultimate folly ... the North Fork roundabout.

Linn can be a little overpowering at times, but over all he has served well the citizens of Madera County and this attack on his character I sense is motivated more by politics and self-preservation rather than a genuine sense of responsibility to the county employees of the DA’s office and the citizens of Madera County.

Eric N. Loos, Oakhurst

Brighten a day

With all the depressing news of misconduct on television and in newspapers, a simple act of kindness can brighten up the day of others and yourself.

When in line to pay at the grocery store, just pay for the items in the cart of the person behind you, and watch the shock, surprise, and finally a smile. Even the story clerk smiles. I give the person, usually an older lady, a handshake and a few words of greeting. I usually have my Korean War veteran’s hat on, which adds to the surprise.

I have done this six times in Costco, Vons and Raley’s, and twice have been rewarded with a hug. To be honest, I don’t do it when the person’s shopping cart has many items in it.

It’s a fun thing to do.Try it and watch the person’s expression when he/she realizes the groceries have been paid for.

Harold Waksdal, Oakhurst