Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor - Nov. 30 edition

Unconscionable and immoral

I’ve done well in life. My husband and I work hard. We are comfortable, have everything we need and then some. But I also benefited from programs that helped my parents get ahead: a VA loan, CalGrants to pay for my mom’s education, subsidized child care for my brother and me. I do not take this for granted.

So if you tell me my taxes are going up in order to pay for healthcare for veterans, increase pay for service members, fund infrastructure, college grants, science research, medical research, provide mental health services to those in need, support schools and the arts, lower college tuition, increase public transportation, promote renewable energy, finance NASA, medicaid, and other programs that help people who are struggling, make the world a better place, or increase our knowledge, I will happily pay more and give back to the country that has given me so much.

But tell me my taxes are going up in order to provide tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans and corporations already flush with cash in the fictional hope they will suddenly increase wages and create more jobs, I say, “NO.”

Not in exchange for cuts to schools, Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security - programs that help average Americans. Not when income disparity is greater than it’s ever been. Not at the cost of $2.4 Trillion over the next decade - a debt our children must shoulder.

It is unconscionable and immoral to give a huge tax cut to those with the most and balance it on the backs of the most vulnerable members of our society.

I will call Tom McClintock every day to tell him I will not stand idly by while this atrocity of a bill makes its way through Congress, and that come 2018, I will speak loud and clear at the ballot box.

Jessicasica Medeano, Coarsegold

There are no trash fairies

We citizens who are affiliated with Keep Our Mountains Beautiful (KOMB), came out in force Nov. 18 and 19. There were seven women from North Fork who cleaned up two pickup loads of litter off Road 274 in North Fork.

In the Oakhurst area, three of our members picked-up 12 bags of trash. Also, other members picked up three bags of litter along Road 415. Finally, another three bags came off Road 415 near Coarsegold school.

If you think about all of this labor, which is totally volunteer, it is a great contribution to the clean roads we all desire in the Mountain Area. Thank you so much to all these wonderful volunteers.

We just hope others are inspired to bring a bag for litter on your regular walk, or carry a bag in your car, and when you see something on the side of the road, whether a single box, beer can, or fast food wrapper, stop in a safe location, and pick it up.

We are all irritated by littering, but remember - there are no trash fairies who come at night to clean things up - it is up to all of us who live and enjoy our Mountain Area.

Judy Linda, North Fork