Letters to the Editor


Outraged over Atwood

I am responding today to Mr. Atwood’s column published in the July 6 Sierra Star. The topic was “Where was your outrage then?”

I found my outrage while reading the column. It started in the third paragraph when he went into President Clinton’s firing of his FBI Director and the Whitewater scandal. This occurred in July, 1993 (24 years ago).

The fourth paragraph was about Clinton’s sex scandals and his getting a pass. He did not get a pass. The oral sex scandal consumed the headlines for most of 1998 (almost 20 years ago).

Still outraged after all this time? Get over it.

Did he have to resort to the Trumpism, “Pocahontas Warren?” Just point out the pay inequities, if true. Was it necessary to mock the Hollywood crowd while discussing immigration issues? Why is it important to continue to attack Mrs. Clinton? The election is over, she lost. Get over it.

Should we not be outraged over young black men being murdered in the streets? We certainly should be outraged when anyone (including cops) is murdered.

I believe prayer is a personal thing and should be saved for private venues, same for smut and porn. I personally am pro-death penalty (in certain instances) and pro-choice. I will vigorously defend your right to disagree.

I do not see a lot of outrage over the Second Amendment gun ownership. In some states it is okay for blind people, the mentally ill and proven violent people to be able to buy a gun.

Is that right? Where is your outrage over that?

I am certainly outraged over the outrage over Benghazi. It was tragic that four people died there. However there has been a long history of attacks on our embassies abroad. Our embassy in Iran was attacked under President Carter and hostages were held for 444 days.

Our people were attacked in Lebanon under President Reagan where more than 250 Americans perished in two attacks. What about Vietnam, Pakistan, Kuwait, Italy and many more? There were more than nine attacks on our embassies during the George W. Bush Administration.

Outraged? Get over it. It happens. Let’s find ways to minimize loss of lives in the future.

I feel sorry for Mr. Atwood. He is outraged over so many issues that go back so many years, it is truly outrageous.

Jean Wolf, Oakhurst

GCT fundraiser

The Golden Chain Theatre is holding a fundraising event, GCT’s Golden Gala, in celebration of providing 50 years of entertainment and the arts to our community. It will be held Sept. 9, at the theatre. In addition to hors d’oeuvres, live entertainment, and a no host bar, there will also be a silent auction.

We expect many will attend, as the GCT is attracting more patrons each year. We ask for the support of our friends in the business community to provide us with exciting auction items - a gift certificate or merchandise.

Someone from our committee will contact you to answer any questions and to share information about individual and group tickets. It’s a win-win situation when we benefit from your donation and you receive the goodwill resulting from your generosity.

As we are a nonprofit, your donation is tax deductible. Our tax ID number is 23-7132379.

The GCT is thankful for the generous support of individual, business and corporate donors who believe in our mission.

Sarah Persson, GCT Board of Directors President


It was a long overdue welcome change to read the July 13 Sierra Star edition without the usual disgust or avoidance of reading Peter Cavanaugh’s Opinion column. Perhaps there is a soft and gentle humanistic side to Peter as was displayed in his column this week with constructive and civil comments.

I strongly support the Letter to the Editor by Terry Kaluza titled Mudslinging where he strongly admonishes the unprofessionalism of Peter in his weekly columns. We don’t need to follow the lead of the New York Times or the L.A. Times in the heavily slanted bias reporting of news to create hate and to divide our community over differences of political opinions.

Expressing opinions should be done in a constructive and respectful manner as was demonstrated in Dr. Bill Atwood’s Column titled Enough is Enough.

We are a family oriented community and we need to help our children develop a sound value structure to prepare them for our very complex and changing world. Much of this is based on the role modeling we do in our actions and how express ourselves.

Most of Peter’s writings of recent times are harmful and not representative of how we should be developing positive relationships as a community and certainly not something we would wish to teach our youth to emulate.

I hope Peter’s most recent column is the beginning of a fresh approach to professional journalism and demonstrating good citizenship to our community.

Chuck Dudek , Oakhurst