Letters to the Editor

There’s a people problem when it comes to short-term rentals

Regarding the subject of short term vacation rentals, I also want to chime in and submit my opinion as this short term rental issue has spread to all areas of the Mountain Area.

Let me emphasize that not all renters are bad as there are those who manage their homes well. I live in Bass Lake Heights, 1.5 miles from Bass Lake. We are not on the lake and do not fit into the usual resort category, but we are close enough.

Our neighborhood is normally a quiet one with those who have been here as long time owners and retirees. In recent years, there have been homes purchased as income investments. Most of the owners do not live here and do not enjoy the solitude and peace like we who are hear full time enjoy.

Coincidentally, the same date the article in the July 13 edition of the Star by Brian Wilkinson was published about short term rentals, those of us who are permanent residents were treated to a rental home that was rented out where about 20 cars were parked all along our narrow streets and people were observed bringing alcohol to celebrate.

The noise continued all the way to 1 a.m. when the sheriff arrived and warned them to quiet down.

This is not just a tax collection, zoning issue or water-wasting issue, but in reality, a people problem. If it takes some kind of regulation to allow everyone to live in a neighborhood in peace, then so be it. For those of you who do not live in close proximity to a short term rental, you will not really understand what those of us who do must endure.

Speeding cars, loud noise, trash in the neighborhood and strangers are just the tip of the iceberg. I would hope the supervisors judge fairly.

Wynn Simon, Oakhurst

NOTE: The Madera County Board of Supervisors will vote July 18 on an amendment to the county zoning code that will clarify the county’s approval of short term vacation rentals.