Letters to the Editor

Require conditional use permits

Thanks for your article in the July 13 issue of the Sierra Star about the supervisors meeting on Tuesday, July 11, concerning short term vacation rentals.

My husband, Don, and I both wrote letters to the county about the issue. We still have concerns that by allowing anything and everything in residential zone, it disrupts the neighborhood. Apparently, though, from watching the live stream of the meeting on July 11 …. the board of supervisors appears to have already decided, and are ignoring what other counties in the state have done, which is to activate a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) process for full house vacation rentals.

These homes are rented out and are not supervised, unlike the bed and breakfast industry, and even the Airbnb where a room in your own home is used for “guests.”

We have asked that the county enact a CUP process … but our requests have fallen on deaf ears. The County Planning Department Director Matt Treber reported that his department had only three complaints over the last many years. Our own neighborhood has submitted more than that, not to mention the many calls to the sheriff’s department and fire department about open fires and cigarettes being tossed into dry grass.

We have had many Bass Lake residents also complain to us about lack of respect for neighbors and partying late into the night at rental homes. We are just asking for some guidelines and conditions, but the county is going the opposite direction by its “do whatever you want…. it is your property” amendment to the residential zoning code.

This is shameful, and I hope that others join me in asking the county for conditional use permits as a way to gain some sanity on this issue.

Judy Linda-Horn, North Fork