Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor - July 6 edition

Another win for the taxpayer

Last week the Madera County County Board of Supervisors killed the Blackhawk Off Highway Vehicle (OHV) park.

A lot cities and counties hatch schemes to build stuff. It might be a big as a stadium or just an off road vehicle park. Most of the time unfortunately they become a burden to the taxpayer.

This happens because government has no idea how to be a developer or businessman. There is no understanding of a bottom line and there is no real risk realized from failing when you do not have your own money invested.

From the beginning there was no real plan. No one could say what this proposed park would look like when developed.

What is the cost to build it out? Where would the money come from? How much would operations cost and what are the projected revenues? Is there a projected profit and what would the liability to the county be? Most importantly what would the impact be to the community?

It is fair to say it could have been a good idea, but without the details there is no way this should have ever been approved in the first place. Once again the county spent time and money in the way of staff resources in a wasteful way.

The only supervisor that voted for the project was Tom Wheeler. He was fully invested in this no matter what. His longtime friend and campaign supporter was the property seller, and his county planning commissioner John Reid was the real estate agent.

I applaud the community for stepping up and asking the hard questions.

Marc Sobel, Ahwahnee

NOTE: Marc Sobel is running against District 5 incumbent Tom Wheeler in November, 2018 primary election.

Help the animals

I am sure all the animal lovers in the Mountain Area are anxiously awaiting the completion of the SPCA animal shelter in Ahwahnee.

Many people are also anticipating the day when they can volunteer their time to help the animals and help keep the facility running smoothly.

In the meantime, there is something you can do to help. All the money raised at the new SPCA thrift shop next to Grocery Outlet goes to funding the SPCA. You will never know if you would like volunteering at the shop unless you give it a try. There are so many different duties at the shop.

So if you have the urge to do something for the animals now, before the new facility opens, stop by and check out the thrift shop. Bring a friend and help bring in money for the animals.

Carol Breit, Ahwahnee