Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor - edition of May 4

We are lucky

I just want to say how lucky we are to have three rivers that go through our town.

How many times do you visit another town or city and walk along its river. We also can walk along our rivers. Even though not as fancy as the walkways in the city, it is scenic, and calming to walk along our rivers.

Twenty years ago a group was formed that wanted to have a way to walk along the Fresno River. A trail was started and after a few years there was three miles of trail along three rivers all in the urban area of Oakhurst.

The Eastern Madera County Chamber of Commerce Foundation was formed to assist with grants for river restoration, and a lot of work was done to preserve the river banks.

The dream was to have the businesses see the value in facing the river, but after all this time that dream has not been accomplished. Still with the Oakhurst Community Park and Oakhurst River Parkway walking access is possible.

Since we are not a city, and the county does not provide parks, the only way to enjoy our rivers is with community fundraising and donations. This also means volunteer assistance with maintenance. There are many people who have volunteered their time to make sure we can enjoy these beautiful rivers.

With the recent flooding there is more trash than ever along the river banks. A River Clean Up and Work Day has been scheduled for 8:30 a.m. on Saturday, May 20, to repair trails and pick up trash in the river.

I would like to encourage individuals along with clubs and organizations in the community to come join us at the Oakhurst Library parking lot to help keep the best feature in our town ready for those that want to enjoy the scenery provided by our town’s rivers.

I would love to hear from any groups that can help out or students groups looking for some community service hours - (559) 683-7027.

Sandy Brinley, Oakhurst

I was appalled

I was appalled to read Peter Cavanaugh’s April 27 opinion column with his reference statements of Attorney General Jeff “Pee Wee” Sessions, and, Mitch “Turtle Time” McConnell.” Is this our new standard for journalism?

This quickly reminded me of bullying by kids at school or at playgrounds where the bully picks on some kid to call him degrading names and hoping to encourage others to be mean and join in. What kind of example are we providing for our youth who would read what Peter wrote?

What kind of impression are we leaving with our many tourist visitors from around the world who are staying in our town and read our local paper? I know Peter is very involved with the local Democratic party but is he using our paper as his forum to spread his left wing ideological views? Is there an editorial review of what he writes?

What are our editorial standards for our local paper? Do they include toxic and mean spirited statements? Are we trying to be to the left of the New York Times or Los Angeles Times?

After reading Peter’s opinion I was very pleased to once again read Dr. Bill Atwood’s opinion and see a very different and refreshing approach without the interjection of attempts to stir up hate and anger.

Bill’s opinions are more reflective of the family oriented community where we are respectful and tolerant of different viewpoints.

Chuck Dudek, Oakhurst

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Donations sought for scholarship

I am excited to invite the parents of Minarets High School athletes to take part in our 2017 FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) Scholarship award.

Your student athletes are one of the cornerstones of Minarets High School team sports programs. Within every sports category there are Christian athletes who demonstrate a steadfast commitment to Jesus Christ through integrity, serving, teamwork and excellence. FCA’s core values are simply the way we live and the way we conduct ourselves.

Your student is one of many who have taken part in Mustang FCA Huddles, FCA Christian camps, as well as other school programs and organizations. They are student leaders deserving of recognition for their strong moral characters on and off the field, courts and campus.

This will be our fifth year to offer this honorable scholarship to our 2017 graduating seniors for their leadership role on campus and in the community.

So now I am asking you to partner with me for this student-led club financially. We are looking for donations from each of you who have had your student benefit from the program by the positive messages given by our Mustang student leadership, professional and college athletes and speakers we have had.

The student team is looking to raise $2,000 this year, and we are asking for $50, $75 and $100 or more donations to help this scholarship fund. Your tax deductible donations can be left at the school office. Please make checks out to “Minarets High School” with memo noted, “FCA scholarship award.” All donations must be turned-in by May 12.

For more information, please contact Sophia Manning (sophia.manning@mychawanakee.org ) John Lorenzana (jlorenzana@yosemitelakes.org) or Daniel Ching (dching@mychawanakee.org).

John E. Lorenzana, Director of Student Ministries