Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor - week of April 6

Happy to hear

My wife Kitty and I were happy to hear that the Patti Law School of Dance has found a new home in Oakhurst at Mountain Muscle.

Patti Law was a friend of our family since 1968 as we were also former Europeans and had a certain sympathy to each other.

Patti was always a hard working, honest, good person. She worked very hard to get the Golden Chain Theatre started 50 years ago.

She approached me to take some photos for the GCT since she knew I was teaching photography at Yosemite High School as a volunteer, and I sort of became a member of the GCT crew.

Patti was heavily involved and invested her time daily to improve the GCT, and has been there for about 50 years without any pay.

It doesn’t make sense that she was asked suddenly to give up her space at the GCT because the room was needed for other purposes when she was only using the room on a limited basis. It would have been fair and decent for the board of directors to invite Patti to their meeting when they were discussing the matter of her dance studio.

Horst Pokorra, Oakhurst