Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor - week of March 30

Mountain home students improve in English & math

For over 22 years as a public school in Oakhurst, Mountain Home School Charter has provided an educational alternative to parents who desire to be leaders in their student’s schooling. Mountain Home’s teachers and staff work alongside our parents and students to provide support, mentoring, many curricular options, and on-site classroom instruction which allows us to personalize learning for each and every student.

Like all public schools across the state, our third through eighth grade students participate in state testing each year. In the March 23 Sierra Star article, “Mountain Area Schools fall behind in math, English,” I was disheartened that our school was excluded from comparisons with other area schools.

Our math and English results from the 2015 and most recent 2016 test administrations can also be viewed on the new California Dashboard cited in the article. In English, our students ranked High (+16.9) which was a +7.2 point increase from 2015.

In math, we scored Low (-36.7). Yet, this math score was a +13.5 point increase displaying the gains our students have made in this subject. Mountain Home continues to work on ways to improve instructional math supports for all students.

Thank you parents for your trust, commitment, and the incredible job you do educating your children. I could not be more proud to be a part of the lives of our students, families, and dedicated team of teachers and support staff who are committed to providing all students a customized learning path.

Mindy Klang, MHSC Principal

The closing of Patti Law’s School of Dance

As I write this, I’m experiencing the feeling of both sadness and anger. It saddens me to think that after all these years there will no longer be a Patti Law School of Dance. I was one of the original Grub Gulch Garter Guys back in the late 70s and early 80s.

We performed with the Grub Gulch Garter Girls and the Grub Gulch Grannies both in the Golden Chain Theatre and at county fairs, and even at the world famous Ahwahnee Hotel in Yosemite.

If not for the efforts of Patti Law, none of this would have been possible as she was our dance instructor and choreographer. Now in my golden years, as I look back at the highlights of my life, I find those years to be some of my favorite. Thank you, Patti, for those wonderful memories. Yes, over the years, Patti Law has touched lives of so many people in this community in a positive way.

As stated in the article in the March 23 issue of the Sierra Star, Patti Law was one of the original founders of the GCT.

Without those early founders of the theater, there would be no theater for the current performers. I feel that with all the effort Patti has put into keeping the GCT up and running through the good and lean years, she has earned the right to have a room in the theater building as long as she wants.

Patti has also been a big influence in improving the lives of hundreds of children by teaching them to have a more positive self image as they show off their dancing skills at recitals and shows.

Patti, I want you to know that all of us that you have taught to perform over the many years still love you and we always will.

As Patti’s husband Mark Poggi said in the Sierra Star article - Shame on you Golden Chain directors for not renewing Patti’s rental agreement.

Jack Jines, Oakhurst

Friends since childhood

Here in England I received a copy of the March 23 Sierra Star and read all the details relating to the closure of the Patti Law School of Dance and thought it is disgusting the way that she has been treated by the board of directors of the Golden Chain Theatre. My wife, Marie Elenor, and Patti have been friends since childhood and always said that Patti was born to teach dance and to take that away from her after all this time is so terrible.

I bet most of the directors were at some stage in their lives affected in some way by the dance studio.

Surely what Patti has been doing from day one is encouraging the performing arts in your community. So why can’t they allow Patti to carry on doing what she does best until it is time to hang up her dancing shoes for good?

I have always admired your country’s community spirit but alas it appears to be declining just as it is in the UK. The younger generation think they know better and shunt the older generation to one side.

David McLean, Fareham, England