Peter Cavanaugh

Flashback 2015

Here we teeter on the brink of another year’s birth at midnight tonight, even as I traditionally would be teetering in wild celebration as the moment arrived - maintaining precarious balance against the ever-relentless forces of mean Mister Gravity.

This was surely yet another strange year, such observation emerging as a considerable understatement as one reviews the ghosts of 2015 from “For Your Consideration” columns past.

In January, “Delaware North vs. US” questioned the surprising claim that such names as The Ahwahnee, Badger Pass and Curry Village were owned by DNC - about to be replaced in March by a subsidiary of Aramark. It’s not a friendly divorce. In September, Delaware North filed suit in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims against the National Park Service over this yet unresolved issue, seeking compensation for intellectual property rights. Then “Missing Mister” congratulated Megyn Kelly on her ascension to the top at FOX News as jolting journalism reigns supreme.

February saw thumbs up to “American Sniper” and down to “Bad Bibi” - criticizing the Israeli Prime Minister’s pending appearance before congress.

“Shamrock & Roll” in March reminisced about St. Patrick’s Days of earlier times, while “McClintock’s Magical Mystery Meeting” expressed chagrin over our congressman curiously visiting Oakhurst without both yours truly and friends in the Tea Party knowing anything about it.

April’s “Goodbye Medicare” stressed that with the new house and senate dominated by Republicans, only Barack Obama stood between congress and the end of Medicare as we know it. “Matthew 7: 1-2” thanked Harry Baker for his stunning lifetime achievements in Oakhurst. “Hail Elizabeth” saluted the rise of Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts on the national scene. She wasn’t alone.

We moved into May with “And Then Along Comes Bernie,” acknowledging the Vermont senator’s entry into the 2016 presidential race with the observation that “he has the same chance as a long-tailed cat in a roomful of rocking chairs.” “Changes” discussed subtle evolution in Catholic thinking under Pope Francis, while “Sleep Now in The Fire” explored paralysis between rigid political positions.

“Compression Confession” in early June tracked an unfortunate explosion of outrage over poor service at a certain local pharmacy to an unavoidable, genetically driven Irish predisposition to such behavior. The following week’s “Money Honey” bemoaned the wretched state of contemporary radio economics, even as “Solstice Sunday” celebrated the arrival of summer and Father’s Day while “Matthew v. 2015” proposed that Christ’s Sermon on the Mount provides an exceptional political platform.

July’s “Markers” praised the Supreme Court’s favorable ruling on The Affordable Care Act. “Dump Trump” spoke for itself. “Girls, Girls, Girls” joyfully saluted the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team on becoming World Champions. “Children of God” supported the hard reached agreement to keep Iran from having nuclear weapons. “Bow Wow” decried the dog days of summer.

August rolled in with “Enough?” recognizing strong local support for that long-tailed Bernie cat. “Rockin’ with AARP” dealt with a wonderful “Radio Reunion” in my hometown of Syracuse and “Shame on Schumer” criticized the New York Senator for his opposition to the Iranian deal.

September’s “Tea Time With Tom” addressed Representative McClintock’s appearance far away from the madding crowd at Yosemite Lakes Clubhouse, “Thanks, Donald” predicted the still anticipated end of Trump’s White House aspirations, “No Room at The Inn” reported a wall-to-wall turnout at Denny’s for Pedro Elias of Planned Parenthood and “Smokehurst” thanked Cal Fire for keeping us safe.

“Bye-Bye Boehner” on Oct. 1 thanked the departing house speaker for his years of service despite differences in political philosophy, “Saint Kim of Kentucky” explained an ecclesiastical accident, “Ellie” expressed deep sadness over the passing of Ellie Schermerhorn, a remarkable local activist and wonderful soul who would have enjoyed the following week’s “Benghazi Thursday” calling upon Hillary critics to either “put up or shut up.” So far they have done neither.

November brought forth “Community Radio - Parts One and Two”- explaining the nature of “Low Power FM” as authorized by the FCC and calling into question the operation of KOLS-LP, clandestinely licensed to Oakhurst in late July. Big news on this is shortly forthcoming. “Bark For Bernie” on Nov. 19 reviewed response to the word “socialist” being more reactionary than realistic.

December’s “Christmas Questions,” “Oremus,” “Merry Christmas,” and “Happy New Year” represented holiday offerings, even as this one closes things - over and out.