Peter Cavanaugh

“Bye-bye nice guy!”

Only 14% of American voters voiced approval for the 113th Congress just prior to our Nov. 4 election. This came as no surprise since the 113thenjoys the dubious distinction of being the least productive two-year legislative session in modern times.

Then 96.4% of incumbents were triumphantly re-elected.

In the immortal words of Star Trek’s Dr. Spock - “This is highly illogical!”

The “new” 114th Congress starting in January will be the same as its predecessor– just a bit more Republican -- except a tipping point was reached in the Senate. The GOP will now lead both chambers, really hitting the brakes with new reactionary and obstructive chairpersons in place and in charge.

Since fewer than one out of five citizens voted in support of this vacuous victory, any claims that the 114th represents the “will of the American people” is delusional and pretentious.

But it’s also embarrassingly clear that the Democratic Party was disappointingly ineffective at generating meaningful support from the younger “Millennial” (18-33) age group, performed poorly at sustaining earlier minority momentum such as that witnessed in 2012 and, most importantly, failed miserably at adequately responding with an energized, confident counter attacks against hundreds of millions of Obama Hate dollars dramatically in evidence, flooding the airwaves and our collective consciousness with relentless efficiency from coast to coast.

In lacking the intestinal fortitude and testicular courage to firmly stand behind their elected national leader with dedicated conviction, the Democratic Party hierarchy blew it big this time.

Republicans were brilliantly successful in hanging Barack HUSSEIN Obama out to dry. Now they pay the price.

Although Ronald Reagan and four other Republican Presidents used executive authority to act on immigration issues, President Obama’s decision to finally deliver meaningful, promised resolution in many important areas of legitimate concern has exploded with predictable outrage on the right and powerful ovations on the left.

I am delighted our Commander-in-Chief is moving with such resolute determination in the face of deeply entrenched opposition hardly loyal to him in the past. Despite repeated efforts at collegiality, conciliation and cooperation from the day Barack Obama assumed office in January of 2009, our soon to be Senate Majority leader, Mitch McConnell, has been dedicated to the President’s destruction with more than ample documentation of same easily accessible. All of this was again echoed only weeks ago in our most recent election cycle with billionaire backing. Think of that.

It’s weird. My main disappointment to date with the President is that he hasn’t done in his first six years what everyone on the far right boisterously claims he HAS done. He’s been much more a conscientious “community leader” than “king”, “dictator”, “tyrant” or “demagogue” to our decided disadvantage.

Why did President Obama leave highly promising “Single Payer” mechanics out of earliest discussions leading to The Affordable Care Act?

Why did the President approve the ill-fated, failed 20,000-troop Afghanistan “surge” in late 2009?

Why have deportations of undocumented immigrants soared under his watch with border fencing, security patrols and technical surveillance substantially increased?

Because all along - he’s been trying to get along.

Alas, it’s time for Alice.

“I used to be such a sweet, sweet thing –‘til they got a hold of me.

I’d open doors for little old ladies. I helped the blind to see.

But I’ve got no friends ‘cause they read the papers.

Now I’m feeling mean.”

Alice Cooper -- “No More Mister Nicer Guy.” (1973)

Here it comes, Mitch.

No more Mr. Nice Guy.