Peter Cavanaugh

Is time running out on President Trump?

FILE - In this March 28, 2019, file photo, President Donald Trump speaks during a rally in Grand Rapids, Mich. (AP Photo/Paul Sancya, File)
FILE - In this March 28, 2019, file photo, President Donald Trump speaks during a rally in Grand Rapids, Mich. (AP Photo/Paul Sancya, File) AP

Happy Wedding Anniversary to my lovely bride, Eileen.

Eileen and I were married 55 years ago today, May 23rd, at St. Joseph’s Church in Syracuse, New York.

Eileen and I met when I was president of the Catholic Youth Organization at St. Joseph’s (I can’t imagine anyone ever calling it “St. Joe’s” back then) – and Eileen was secretary.

Eileen initially thought I was a conceited, obnoxious, overrated jerk – no surprise to many of our Sierra Star readers. She can never say she didn’t know what mercilessly waited ahead these last five and a half decades.

I attended Cathedral Academy, a Catholic school where girls might tell the nuns if you hit on them. Eileen went to Syracuse Central High, a public school. The rest is history.

We have four daughters, each one more beautiful than the other three, 12 grandchildren, each smarter than the other eleven, and two great-grandchildren, a boy and a girl, both equal in every way except the obvious.

“Meanwhile” (quoting Stephen Colbert) — President Chump clings to office like a slimy leech on our metaphoric leg, sucking away national integrity with every sloppy slurp.

The Mueller Report turns out to reveal in great detail exactly the opposite of what was first presented as a White House win by United States Attorney General, Bill “Silly Willie” Barr.

Barr was famously referenced as “Cover-up-General” in 1992 by celebrated New York Times author and writer William Safire, earning such distinction because of his role in burying evidence of then-President George H.W. Bush’s involvement in the “Iran-Contra” scandal.

Alas, this seems to have been forgotten during Barr’s most recent confirmation hearing and, as promised by sages through the ages, we are thus condemned to watch history repeat itself as ugly as it gets.

Those clamoring to put all in the past — forgive, forget and simply move along — hopelessly ignore an elephant in our collective phone booth.

Trump is a ticking time bomb.

Tick Tock. North Korea’s Kim Jong-un has humiliated us before the world as self-envisioned delusions of a Nobel Peace Prize for Trump disappear in the vapors of new experimental missiles aimed and fired in the general direction of Japan. And Oakhurst.

Tick Tock. The amazing 2009 Obama Economic Recovery, for which Trump still demands full credit, is showing signs of faltering under the weight of ill-advised tariffs and economic policies formulated on the spot by impulse alone.

Tick Tock. Most of our former friends feel forgotten, while authoritarian dictators such as Vladimir Putin, Recep Erdogan, and Prince Mohammed bin Salman bask in the love of an admiring apprentice. He’d rather be them. Forget “Lock her up!” Let’s “Slice her! Dice her! And feed her head to wild ferrets!”

Tick Tock. As America becomes ever more isolated from the world with some citizens even touting the value of a physical barrier to keep us symbolically pure, our security and unity are immeasurably weakened by poisonous thoughts and groundless fears.

Tick Tock. “Threads” was a 1984 apocalyptic war drama presented by the BBC. It depicted a nuclear winter and the catastrophic impact an atomic holocaust would have on human culture and life itself. It is powerfully unsettling. Ted Turner introduced “Threads” to the United States on Jan. 13, 1985, on his TBS cable network. It had been deemed too uncomfortable for broadcast TV. Critics called it “a masterpiece,” “an unforgettable lesson in true horror” and “arguably the most devastating piece of television ever produced.”

President Donald J. Trump has control of our nuclear launch codes.

These need to be taken away.

Him, too.