Peter Cavanaugh

Congressman McClintock’s ongoing defense of White House getting hard to believe

Rep. Tom McClintock debates challenger Jessica Morse at Mariposa High in September 2018.
Rep. Tom McClintock debates challenger Jessica Morse at Mariposa High in September 2018. Fresno Bee file

“Liar, Liar. Pants on fire.

Your nose is longer than a telephone wire.”

This was a late 19th century childhood chant introduced by an unknown someone sometime after the first human words were ever spoken on a phone – “Mister Watson, come here! (Alexander Graham Bell, 1876) – and the writing of “Pinocchio” by Carlo Collodi in 1883.

Check out that nose on our Fourth District congressman, Tom McClintock – encompassing the Sierra from Truckee to the Sequoia National Forest, including all or part of 10 separate counties.

Last week, as a member of the House Judiciary Committee voting against a resolution holding Attorney General William Barr in contempt of Congress, McClintock presented prepared remarks containing dozens of lies, faithfully parroting the party line like Pretty Polly on Prednisone.

McClintock intoned, “The American People can plainly see what’s going on here. For two and a half years they have been force fed a brazen and monstrous lie: that the President of the United States is a traitor who is loyal to a hostile power.”

I believe that the President of the United States is a brazen and monstrous liar – a trashy trader loyal to a hostile power.

The congressman’s further comments savaged Robert Mueller in no uncertain terms, concluding, “They were forced to admit that there is not a shred of evidence” suggesting the president did anything wrong. That’s just hysterically untrue. There are enough “shreds” to weave a 200-mile-long canopy over McClintock’s nose.

Our representative also referenced a “fake dossier fabricated by the Clinton Campaign used by high-ranking officials at the Department of Justice, the FBI, our Intelligence Agencies and perhaps even at The White House, to undermine the duly elected President and to tear this country apart.” The dossier’s not fake. it was originated by a Republican operative. It was not the reason the investigation was started.

In defense of Big Bill Barr, Tom McClintock has thrown his full support behind a man seeking to overturn the entire Affordable Care Act, leaving millions completely uninsured and many more pathetically unprotected against the worst instincts of predatory policy writers.

McClintock continued his craziness last Saturday on FOX News (naturally) arguing that House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Richard Neal, D-Mass, had weaponized the Internal Revenue Service by insisting the Treasury Department turn over Trump’s tax returns.

McClintock’s expansive nose sniffed, “It began under Lois Lerner when they turned the entire force of that powerful agency against common citizens who were simply trying to participate in our political process.” This is a Tea Party “Oldie But Goodie” implying left wing bias – proven to be absolute nonsense.

In late September 2017, an exhaustive report by the Treasury Department Inspector General declared that the IRS had scrutinized through the years – in equal measure – both liberal and conservative entities that were suspected of claiming nonprofit status in an effort to avoid paying taxes.

The Trump/McClintock administration continues to be the source of degrading disappointment, profound moral shame and critical Constitutional concern.

And McClintock still wants his horse burgers.

A constituent just sent me this from McClintock’s office in response to a question concerning the killing of 75,000 wild horses in the American Southwest for food and fun.

“I believe we have a responsibility to treat animals humanely and with respect and I believe any processing needs to comport with these principles. For this reason, I do not support the SAFE Act which would reinstate the congressional ban on horse slaughter.”

So – Tom seeks to show horses love by having them for lunch.

I say – NEIGH!