Peter Cavanaugh

Trump caved like a bottomless sinkhole


Shaming all of us with his kowtowing to Killer Kim, he left his self-initiated, ill-advised Hanoi summit with timid tail between lumpy legs – dragging all of us with it.

For FOX folks, “kowtowing” is an ancient word meaning “the act of kneeling and touching one’s head to the ground as an act of worship to a revered authority.”

The talks cratered faster than a frog on fire. Although signifying his disappointment with a defiant pout and a pass on lunch, agreement was still reached to permanently abandon major military exercises between United States forces and the Republic of South Korea – an act of capitulation to “reduce tensions.”

Kim Jong Un sure knows a fool when he sees one. Wait till he meets President Pence.

The Trump claimed victory on Saturday at CPAC – The Conservative Political Action Conference – held at Nuremburg -- I mean National Harbor. It was the greatest gathering of American patriots since Madison Square Garden in 1939. He spoke for two hours and two minutes – too long for all but the badly bewitched. Kids watching picked up new words from their president. “Mommy? What’s Pull Chip?”

The power of language is inestimable. Certain buzzwords become Biblical. The one that always cracks me up is “elites.” This one little word shrieks “stuck up,” “snobby” or “pretentiously better than everyone else.” No one likes an “elite,” particularly when they come in bunches. Both sides use it all the time.

The evolution and elevation of “elite” in political discourse is fascinating. Master manipulator and eventual presidential candidate Pat Buchanan randomly tossed it into a speech for Vice President Spiro “Bag Man” Agnew in 1970 and it exploded into headlines – surprising even Buchanan. He just came up with it as a throwaway.

Buchanan also originated such gems as “The Silent Majority,” “Media Bias” and “Culture Wars.” Mr. Buchanan remains a continuing voice for traditional conservatism.

True conservatives are becoming an endangered species. That’s what I stressed to Matt Reed in great detail last Wednesday. Matt rockets into Oakhurst every month or so to hold a one-hour meeting with Congressman Tom McClintock’s local constituents in Tom’s “satellite office” at the Visitors Bureau. There were five of us there with Matt – four “lefties” and one nice lady offering spirited testimony for the “right.”

Matt is quite bright and excellent at making everyone feel comfortable, covering as many topics as possible in his allotted time while maintaining a perfectly straight face in explaining his boss’s intriguing notions on climate change, gun control and support of a full border wall.

He would make a fine congressman himself.

So would have Michael Cohen as newly redeemed.

There are few souls more fiercely contrite and unwaveringly loyal than conscientious converts. Consider again Saul of Tarsus, better known to his friends as “Saint Paul.” Saul was persecuting Christians until he joined up and became one of the most important figures of the Apostolic Age.

I watched Cohen testify before Congress almost all day Wednesday, except for that satellite meeting with Matt when the elegant lady of rightward bent insisted my columns on McClintock were personal in nature. I suggested she erred, but that was that. We smiled at each other most of the time.

Cohen seems quite convincing to me.

He also turned the Trump’s sorry Summit into second tier news – an ultimate payback and not to be the last.

We are at the final tipping point – the ultimate borderline -- as sleeping sheep awake and the walls come tumbling down in this new Jericho.