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Roger Stone: Delightfully diabolical?

Roger Stone
Roger Stone AP

“Come on over, Baby – Jump into my Time Machine.” ---- E Pluribus Funk - Grand Funk Railroad (1971)

Here’s an “Oldie But Goodie” from almost two years ago:

“For Your Consideration” -- Sierra Star -- May 25, 2017 -- ‘Get Me Roger Stone” just came on line for Netflix streaming. Watch it more than once. It pretty much explains everything we are experiencing in the hallucinogenic-like, mind-mauling horror of our 45th President.

Accordingly to the conservative Washington Times, Stone recently admitted that he has been in private communications with Russian-connected hackers into Democratic National Headquarters. Stone also boasts of having a “back channel” to Julian Assange — WikiLeaker extraordinaire.

Roger Stone goes back to Goldwater. He is a colorful cockroach of a character – delightfully diabolical. You can’t help but marvel at his manipulative genius, while sadly recalling the immortal words of P.T. Barnum, “You will never go broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.”

Die-hard Trump fans?

You’ve been played!”

Well, look who’s back like a ballistic boomerang. Roger Stone is all over TV again with his biggest triumph ever, the crowning achievement of a lifetime dedicated to deceit. All it took was an FBI arrest worthy of Tony Montana in “Scarface” (1983) and being charged with obstruction, witness tampering and lying to Congress – all major federal felonies.

Following his arrest, Stone waded into a throng of screaming reporters competing for decibel dominance against an even louder crowd chanting, “Lock him up!” With both hands held high, Roger displayed his signature Richard Nixon “V” for victory sign and flaccid belly, although sparing us from a similarly revealing peek at his bare back upon which -- for four decades -- has rested a permanent tattoo of Nixon’s face. Who knows where he’s got Trump?

Think of it. Within less time than it takes to eat a pizza, a sudden end to the five-week government shutdown -- the biggest story of the year -- was completely eclipsed by Roger Stone, who feasts on fame.

As far as Stone’s pledge to never rat on Donald is concerned, consider this: Fame is fleeting only if unfed. As soon as current media interest dies down, what would guarantee an even greater explosion of exposure than a change of heart – delivered in small measures over extended time? Drip after drip. Drop after scaffold drop. Remember, you read it first here in The Sierra Star.

Then we had that strange juxtaposition between imprudence and impudence, although who was which to whom remains under review.

Were those kids from Covington Catholic High rudely mocking a Vietnam vet who dramatically wandered into their midst though uninvited -- or were those same teens victimized by chaperons who gave them official permission to yell school fight songs against a small band of Black Hebrew Israelites (that’s a new one for me) who were allegedly making “hateful comments” to the students. My own take is that most adults involved in the melee failed to behave as such. Leave those kids alone.

Whatever happens nationally impacts locally. May I suggest it’s time for you to get in the game starting tonight right here in Oakhurst?

Madera County District Five Supervisor Tom Wheeler is holding a Town Hall Meeting from 6 till 8 this evening (1/31/19) at the Oakhurst Community Center.

It’s a rare opportunity to directly hear Tom and other members of our county leadership provide tons of important updates on an easily accessible and approachable basis. First responders will be on the scene. Things will move right along with plenty of time for questions.

Bring yours.