Peter Cavanaugh

New Year’s Resolution? A new president by the next New Year.


Trump will never make it through this year.

As the 116th Congress of the United States convenes for the first time, his goose is cooked. His cookie has crumbled. His Niagara has fallen.

Watch him end his days in shame.

The week before Christmas, we witnessed a cascade of Trump-induced trauma. Whoops. There goes the stock market. Ouch. Indictments are piling up. Bye-Bye. Allies are backing away in disappointment and disgust. Who can trust us now? Not federal employees when the government shuts down.

The vanity wall now looks like the lifting end of a fork.

Highly respected and happily retiring Gen. James Mattis had a few days leading the news, so he’s out two months early. Trump made Secretary of State Mike Pompeo do the dirty work. In the White House, stealing limelight is a capital crime. Another asylum-seeking child dies in U.S. custody. Donald and Melania call other children from the White House on Christmas Eve with holiday greetings. On camera, the president warned a few about the importance of border security. And assured them there was no collusion.

He did.

Russia’s embarrassing infiltration and escalating influence is far past criminal and has been allowed to continue unabated. We have fallen behind too many other nations in preparation for the future. We have lost pace in the race, descending from occasional magnificence to chronic mediocrity.

Recovery, like democracy itself, will not be automatic.

Paying taxes is important. Paying attention is imperative. Getting in the game, essential.

Persist and insist.

Those last days of 2018 brought year-end summaries offering “Top 10s” in various categories from music and movies to people and pets. According to the Washington Post, the first 700 days of the Trump administration impressively racked up a list of “The Top 7,546 False or Misleading Statements of Donald J. Trump” – all documented and verified, increasing in monthly volume right up through Dec. 31.

Trump’s like that talking dog.

This guy is walking down the street and suddenly sees a lawn sign saying, “Talking Dog For Sale – $10.” He walks up to the house, knocks on the door and asks what the deal is. The dog’s owner says, “See for yourself. He’s out back.”

The guy runs around the house and sees this dog tied to a tree. The dog looks up and says, “Good afternoon. I hope you’ll buy me. I’m looking for a new home. I hate living here with my inferiors. I’m of royal blood, stolen by mercenaries from the castle grounds and subjected to impossible degradations.”

The guy can’t believe his ears, runs back and says to the owner, “That dog can actually speak. How can you sell him for 10 dollars? The owner says, “He’s useless. All he does is lie.”

I suspect the end will come with a presidential resignation well before the start of summer. Perhaps it will be much meaner and messier — like a jackhammer root canal.

It is becoming obvious to all but the staggeringly stupid or ignominiously ignorant that Trump has to go.

As a people, we are divided. As a nation, we are shattered.

Trump’s demise will be like pouring water on the Wicked Witch of the West. There’s Donald dissolving into oblivion with green smoke all around, whining, “Look what you’ve done! What a world! I’m going! ” All his flying monkeys will be glad, even John Bolton and Tom McClintock.

I believe the best New Year’s resolution for all of us is to safely reach 2020 with the worst behind.

Right now, it’s straight ahead.

Hang on, Sloopy. Sloopy, hang on.