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McClintock and Morse headed to a debate in Mariposa. Why not Oakhurst, too?

Rep. Tom McClintock and challenger Jessica Morse have scheduled a debate Sept. 23 in Mariposa.
Rep. Tom McClintock and challenger Jessica Morse have scheduled a debate Sept. 23 in Mariposa. Fresno Bee file

She has him running scared.

Tom McClintock’s shiny new headquarters in the heart of Oakhurst stands as a loving tribute to Jessica Morse.

Rep. Tom McClintock Kelsey Edwards Photography Sierra Star archive

He’s never had to spend any serious campaign money before.

Jessica Morse Sacramento Bee archive

Morse wants to stand up for us in Washington as our new Congressional District 4 representative. McClintock wants to sit down for himself and do what The Don demands.

It’s Sally Field vs. Mr. Burns of The Simpsons.

“Anyone willing to put in a hard week’s work should be able to feed their family.” – Jessica Morse

Family, Religion. Friendship. These are the three demons you must slay if you wish to succeed in business.” – Charles Montgomery Burns

“Congress could have passed a tax reform aimed at helping the struggling middle class, but it didn’t.” – Jessica Morse

“Cheating is the gift man gives himself.” – Charles Montgomery Burns

“Student debt is a major problem in America. I don’t think students wishing to attend college should be required to encumber crushing debt.” – Jessica Morse

“Beware the foul stench of youth.” -- Charles Montgomery Burns

Morse and McClintock will be debating at Mariposa High School at 6 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 23, but demand for tickets was so high that most of those allowed to attend will be chosen by lottery. The event will be broadcast live on Mariposa Community Radio station 98.5 FM or available at their KRYZ website.

Another debate is tentatively scheduled for later in the month sponsored by the Lake Tahoe Resort Foundation and Sierra Business Council at the North Lake Tahoe Event Center. No swim suits, assault weapons or bare feet allowed. M-A-G-A “Morse Always Gets Applause” golf hats welcome.

Don’t be looking for a bare-knuckle fistfight. Leaving passionate “Trump Bashing” to others, Morse feels time is better spent engaged in meaningful conversation on specific national issues having critical local impact on us all. I feel McClintock would agree. It’s better paying it safe. After all, defending Donald Trump on stage could make one an eventual co-defendant under oath in more unpleasant circumstances.

But it sure would be nice having a final Morse/McClintock debate right here in the foothills at our Oakhurst Community Center with live, unscripted questions from the audience receiving immediate, unrehearsed answers.

Why are we the only country in the free world without some form of universal health care, Tom? Are you a “socialist,” Jessica? Are deep Republican cuts proposed in Medicare and Medicaid OK with you, Tom? Are you in favor of a welfare state, Jessica? Do you still believe man-made climate change is a rumor, Tom? Will you take away our guns, Jessica?

Public relations

Here’s a question on something completely different I’ve been getting lately: “Are you any relation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh? Yes, I am. We’re from the same Irish tribe.

There are several dozen spellings of the family name, the basic English version being Kavanagh, pronounced as two syllables – Kav’Nah’. In Irish, it’s Caomhánach, also spoken as Kav’Nah’. That’s Gaelic for you – it can look like one thing, but be quite another. That’s also Cousin Brett, slippery as Crisco-coated eel with a smile on his face and repeal in his heart.

Brett and I both enjoyed the benefits of a Jesuit education. He even still teaches occasionally at Georgetown University in Washington, a major Jesuit college. There are liberal Jesuits and conservative Jesuits and everything in between. So you have Cavanaugh and Kavanaugh.

The official Caomhánach family motto is, “Peace and Plenty,” although I personally prefer, “Plenty of Pizza.”

As we pass our political pepperoni.