Peter Cavanaugh

Here’s hoping Alaska isn’t on the table in two weeks

Peter Cavanaugh
Peter Cavanaugh

I hope we keep Alaska.

Note to Fox viewers: On March 30, 1867, the United States purchased Alaska from Russia for $7.2 million dollars – roughly 2 cents an acre.

Knowing how our Dealmaker-in-Chief makes decisions all by his Double-Scoop Donny self without wasting time talking with others, here comes the “Putin Summit” July 16 in Sweden. It’s customary to begin such lofty meetings with leaders exchanging gifts.

“Vladimir? To increase our love, take Alaska.”

“Donald? Here are tapes.”

The event might have been more enjoyably held in Putin Bay, Ohio. It’s actually “Put-In-Bay” – an island resort off the southern shore of Lake Erie between Toledo and Cleveland. Thousands of partiers gather for hot fun every summer. There are dozens of bars. The parties start at dawn. Live bands blast country and rock ’n’ roll at a zillion decibels. “Put-In-Bay” is Disneyland for drunks. I loved it.

Our WIOT Coyote – a 30-foot-tall, blow-up mascot – would be set up in the middle of town for live broadcasts. Our DJs were rock stars. We were No. 1 in all of northwest Ohio – just as the USA used to be No. 1 in the world.

Helsinki is no Put-In-Bay. It hits 30 below zero in the winter. At this point, Trump can’t seem to keep Putin at bay. We keep losing.

In less time than it took Columbus to reach San Salvador from the Canary Islands of Spain in 1492 (five weeks), Trump has alienated our most important traditional allies, initiated a mindless trade war which particularly threatens our farming communities and earned global condemnation for withdrawing from the United Nations Human Rights Council while caging kids at the Mexican border.

Our “leader” no longer leads the free world.

Of even more immediate concern is Trump’s display of dog-like loyalty in his unqualified acceptance of Putin’s word that Russia did not meddle in our 2016 presidential election.

In February 2018, testifying under oath before the Senate Intelligence Committee, the heads of America’s top six intelligence agencies emphatically again stated Russian interference did take place. As of today, at least 11 Trump associates or officials have admitted having contacts with Russian agents during the campaign or transition.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has already indicted 17 individuals in the early stages of his ongoing investigation into Russian collusion and obtained five guilty pleas, but he’s not giving news conferences or tweeting mindless “hoax” charges on a non-stop basis from the Awful Office.

When the most serious charges come down, I predict we’ll see dozens of felony indictments, including Vice President Poodle Pence. He’s in things right up to his eyebrows.

Should this take place after a newly elected Democratic Congress takes over in January 2019, that would potentially put a Democratic Speaker of the House in direct line to become President if both Trump and Pence were to be impeached in the House of Representatives and found guilty of high crimes in the Senate. Impossible? Look who’s president now.

Supporting Jessica Morse’s campaign against Trump/McClintock gives every voter in California’s Fourth District a direct opportunity to erase the disgrace of the most corrupt and dangerous administration in the history of our republic. That brings to mind a gentleman who used to be one of my favorite Republicans.

Conservative Washington Post Columnist George Will has officially abandoned the party, referencing it as a mere “plaything” for Donald Trump. Will writes, “Just as a magnet attracts iron filings, Trump attracts, and is attracted to, louts.” George calls for voting Democratic in 2018.

There’s a Jessica Morse Campaign Office in Oakhurst with plenty to do.

Get in the game.