Peter Cavanaugh

June swoon feels different considering Trump diplomacy, Madera County supervisor race

Peter Cavanaugh
Peter Cavanaugh

“My good friends, this is peace with honor. I believe it is peace for our time.” – British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain heralding an agreement signed with Adolph Hitler. Sept. 30, 1938.

“There is no longer a nuclear threat from North Korea.” – Donald J. Trump via Twitter praising himself for an agreement signed with North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un. June 13, 2018.

What a week.

Trump acts like a spoiled child in Quebec. He’s late for meetings and leaves the G-7 Summit early after antagonizing traditional allies and trashing critical alliances decades old. Then he zips off to give away the store in Singapore and find a new role model in Killer Kim.

“His people sit up and pay attention. I want my people to do the same.” – Donald J. Trump via “Fox and Friends” June 15, 2018.

Kim got everything he wanted. Trump even used the tyrant’s own language ending annual military exercises with South Korea, labeling these practices “war games” and “provocation.” He made the move completely on his own without discussing it first with the government of South Korea, our military or his political party. Wait. It’s HIS party now. He need not tell them anything, now or ever. I forgot about that. But some things I’ll never forget.

I’m seeing this heart-rending picture of a tiny little girl in a bright red dress helplessly crying alone in abandoned agony after being torn from her parents by a chilling Trump/McClintock policy utterly void of common compassion and basic human decency.

I’m hearing the thoroughly discredited Steve Bannon blathering like the buffoon he is on “ABC News This Week” that Donald Trump does not lie and never has.

I’m worried that an ever more cornered rat will strike out in wild, unbalanced rage against friend and foe alike without conscience or consideration, determined to take the world with him as he plunges downward in terminal swoon.

Now there’s a good old-fashioned word – swoon. Curiously, it means both “fainting” and “feeling rapturously strong.” That’s according to Webster. Emmanuel Lewis is never wrong about these things. I was swooning as I monitored recent election results.

I told Tom Wheeler it was like watching him pilot a 747 under the Golden Gate Bridge. I had every confidence he could make it, but there wasn’t much room to spare.

There was never any doubt that Tom would convincingly carry the day seeking his fourth term as Fifth District Madera County Supervisor in the June 5 primary. While contender Marc Sobel supposedly blew a hundred grand on his failed bid for office, the entrance of H. Nokomis Hernandez (who?) into the contest was what actually made things trickier.

It wasn’t enough for Tom to beat Marc by more than five full points for a Wheeler win by knockout in the first round. He had to do so with more than 50 percent of the total vote or face a runoff in November.

315 votes for Hernandez delayed a final count for 10 days. The fat lady kept clearing her throat, but it wasn’t over till late Friday when she burst into song and formally declared that Tom’s 50.96 percent finish officially topped Sobel’s second-place 45.42 percent with Hernandez pulling a flaccid 3.51 percent.

Congratulations, Mr. Wheeler. Sometimes good guys do finish first, even though, in the words of the late Woody Hayes, “Anything that comes easy ain’t worth a damn!”

This is the first day of summer and my good friend Scott Hill’s 80th birthday. It didn’t all come easy.

But 80 IS the new 18!