Peter Cavanaugh

What’s wrong with Washington? Its Republicans don’t act like the GOP I know in Oakhurst

Columnist Peter Cavanaugh calls those following President Donald Trump, seen on the 2016 campaign trail in Fresno, “Banana Republicans.”
Columnist Peter Cavanaugh calls those following President Donald Trump, seen on the 2016 campaign trail in Fresno, “Banana Republicans.” Fresno Bee file

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” – British philosopher Edmund Burke (1790)

My Republican friends in Oakhurst are good men and good women. I wish they were in Congress. Tom Wheeler would make a fine Speaker of the House.

My Republican friends in Oakhurst properly proclaim faithful adherence to the Ten Commandments all year long, not just Easter weekend when Charlton Heston parts the Red Sea one more time on ABC. Among other notable items, that means no toleration for lying, adultery or lying about adultery.

My Republican friends in Oakhurst are thoughtful, hard-working, tax-paying, God-fearing Americans – dependable friends in need who don’t think twice about offering a generous helping hand when hard times come. I’ve seen it time and time again.

Donald J. Trump is none of these things.

In economics, a Banana Republic is a nation that has primarily become the private enterprise of a ruling class (think “1 percent of the 1 percent” – the crowd getting those new killer tax breaks) with profits for the few on top and public debt for everyone else.

Trump toleration has become a way of life for Banana Republicans in Congress. They’ve added a trillion and a half dollars to our national debt to pay off rich pals at the country club, while slashing Medicare and scores of federal programs aimed at helping the poorest among us – those Jesus called, “the least of mine.”

Banana Republicans in the House and Senate are sitting there with gawking Alfred E. Neuman-like grins signaling no discomfort as they are led like sheep to the slaughterhouse by an impulsive, morally bankrupt, pathological liar. What? Them worry? Sure, the guy’s nuts, delusional and dangerous, but he’s leading the pack now – a mad puppeteer who pulls all the strings. Don’t be a crank or he’ll give you a yank.

Who cares if the Russians are alarmingly ahead in a winner-take-all cyber war with nothing but empty Washington words in their way? Forget about caving in to the Chinese on trade. Be prepared to “get a win” with North Korea at any cost. Abandon old alliances, shred traditional standards and cripple consumer protection. Love Big Brother. Keep Trump at ease. Stay on your knees.

Banana Republicans should know that circling the president with defensive unity places a metaphoric noose around the political neck of every individual. The drop will be ugly. Enough chickens are flying home to darken the sky with relentless retribution. Look out below.

The most recent example of Trump’s campaign promise to staff his White House with nothing but “the best of the best” is new lead attorney Rudy “America’s Nightmare” Giuliani. Rudy’s hopelessly hysterical, wild-eyed, asylum-quality raves attacking Special Counsel Robert Mueller are a national embarrassment, shamefully authorized and painfully pathetic. Mr. Giuliani is back in the spotlight, gleefully relishing renewed attention as the king’s favorite fool.

Last week 80 Palestinians were killed with over 2,000 wounded by live Israeli bullets, but Ivanka and Jared got to give a little talk. Eight students and two teachers were dead in Santa Fe, Texas, in the 23rd American school shooting of the year, but many still say the only solution is more guns. Trump saved face for China’s President Xi Jinping by saving 70,000 Chinese jobs making potential spy phones, but what are friends for?

There must be good Republicans in Congress. Come out. Come out – wherever you are. And meet the young lady who fell from a star, enlightening the world in New York Harbor.

La Liberté.