Peter Cavanaugh

Flashback 2017

January started with “Flashback 2016” “Twitterdee Dumb” discussed the inauguration of Donald J. Trump. “Dog Catches Bus” noted a new total command of our national government by the Republican Party. “Obstreperous Obstinacy” marveled at the triumph of loyalty over logic. “Oakhurst Rising” saluted an historic turnout led by Oakhurst Area for Peace. “In This Together” recognized the advent of a new consciousness.

February rolled in with “Kakistocracy” warning of “government by the most unsuitable people.” Act One reflected significant concern over Russian influence in the election of Trump. “Even Odds” was the latest gambling line as to whether he would last through his first term in office. “Together Divided” reported the turnout of nearly 1,000 concerned constituents facing Congressmen McClintock in Mariposa.

Marching along - “Fire Trump” is self-explanatory.“The View from Killarney” was another St. Patrick’s Day message from John O’Mahoney of “Killarney Today.” “Chuck Berry” (1926 -2017) mourned the loss of a Rock & Roll legend. “Fool” greeted Trump’s claim of being wiretapped in the White House.

April brought showers and “Patsy” called out Representative Devin Nunes’ “Fake News” attempting to exonerate Trump. “Any Way The Wind Blows” was an alarm against war by impulse. “The 100 Daze” marked deep discontent across the land. “Freedom Can’t Protect Itself” discussed the importance of the ACLU.

May came with “Zombie Trumpcare” announcing new Republican health care legislation.” “Downward Donald” was another prediction of eventual disgrace. “Tripping with Trump” took us to Saudi Arabia and a presidential sword dance. “Adios Mis Amigos” promoted the visit to Oakhurst by Tim Hernandez, author of “All They Will Call You.”

June’s “Duck, Donald!” “Batman v. Trump” and “Eve of Obstruction” were more Trump tales. “My Summer Vacation” revealed unanticipated challenges from an Atrial Flutter and a pinch of pneumonia while visiting my old hometown of Syracuse.

We jumped into July with our “Oakhurst Top 10” and a reflection of how much we have to enjoy around here. “Senior Sex in Oakhurst” continued this with greater specificity. “Smokehurst” thanked Cal Fire once again for pulling us through another scorching season. “Terms of His Surrender” presented my old friend Michael Moore on Broadway.

August’s “Summertime Blues” discussed seasonal angst. “Forty Years Gone” remembered Elvis.” Bye-Bye Bannon” saw Steve leave. “My Summer Vacation – Part Two’ continued my heart challenges upon returning to Oakhurst, finally solved by a successful (so far) Catheter Ablation in late August. They patched my pumper.

September and “Away Out Here” summed up D.J. Trump as – “All foam – No beer.” “Fears of a Clown” saw him as Pennywise without change. “Ridicule? Us?” explained my occasional resort to ridicule and hyperbole as homage to conservative talk radio. “Counting Your Vote So It Counts” welcomed Madera County Auditor/Controller Becky Martinez to Oakhurst.

In October “A Very Cool Group” recognized the continuous service to our community from this impressive band of brothers. “Tell Tom Tonight” plugged a McClintock visit to O’Neals. “Blind Faith” reported on this. “His Excellency Lord Cavanaugh” might have been my Great Grandfather and namesake.

November rocked in with “Getting The Led Out,” reflecting the pending half century anniversary of this ultimate super group. “Good Morning Little School Girl” was prompted by the teenage lust of Judge Roy Moore. “Forty Years and Malcolm – Gone” reflected sadness over the death of AC/DC founder Malcolm Young.

This month, “Dates of Infamy” placed the election of Trump right up there with Pearl Harbor and the assassination of John Lennon.“Hands to Yourself” was on how not to be a Judge Roy Moore.“Here Comes The Sun” ended the year last week with genuine optimism.

Happy 2018 from Peter and Eileen Cavanaugh.