Peter Cavanaugh

Batman vs. Trump

Batman’s dead – but Trump lives on.

Last week we lost 88-year-old Adam West, an iconic actor best known for his role as DC Comic’s Batman in the spectacularly successful 1966-68 ABC TV revival of the legendary franchise, dating back to May of 1939.

As with other superheroes packing movie theaters through succeeding generations, the Batman character epitomizes beliefs, balances and behaviors commonly regarded by the greatest majority of our citizenry through the years as core national values. The kinds of things you teach your kids.

Perhaps Superman proclaimed it best - “Truth, Justice and The American Way.”

Batman would have had little use for Donald J. Trump. Nor would Captain Marvel, Spider-Man, Captain America, Iron Man, The Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy or Wonder Woman. Try giving her a grab Mr. President.

Trump can’t tell the truth, thinks “justice” means “just us” and believes the American Way is measured in karats, not character.

I watched former FBI Director Jim Comey’s live testimony last week under oath before the Senate Intelligence Committee from start to finish. I found him clearly confident and highly credible. As any professional pool player would quickly recognize, Comey brilliantly set the table for future things to come. When ABC’s Jon Karl later sprang his own trap on Trump, Donald instantly snapped at the bait like a starving sturgeon. Would the president testify giving his “version of events” under oath? You bet - “100%” roared the response. Don’t hold your breath.

Latest Quinnipiac polling shows the Republican president hitting yet another new low with a plunging approval rating of 34%, the worst ever recorded. A full 57% of the 2,000-plus sample registered disfavor. An even larger majority of respondents (68%) believe that the president is not “level headed” – including 64% of Republicans.

Incidentally, these figures were obtained before Comey went before the Senate Committee and swore under penalty of perjury saying “... the administration chose to defame me and more importantly the FBI by saying that the organization was in disarray, that it was poorly led, and that the work force had lost confidence in its leader. These were lies – plain and simple.”

The initial White House response?

“I can definitely say the president is not a liar,” lied Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee “Southern Baptist Minister’s Daughter” Sanders.

Being unable to secure personal representation from four respectable Washington law firms due to his established legal reputation for “not listening and not paying,” Trump has turned to an old go-to lawyer, New York’s Marc Kasowitz, to act in his stead during the current Russia probe.

Kasowitz arrives on the scene quite cozy with the subject at hand since Kasowitz recently represented a major Russian bank, OJSC Sberbank, and one particular company owned by billionaire Oleg Deripaska with proven connections to the Kremlin. It’s a small world after all.

And it’s going faster all the time.

I can’t believe it’s been seven-and-a-half years since Alan Cheah and I began writing this “For Your Consideration” column in the Sierra Star, starting in January of 2010.

Along with Editor Brian Wilkinson, Publisher Betty Linn has been with us all the way, providing readers with a perhaps more progressive outlook on “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” (more Superman) than otherwise occasionally encountered.

As you may have read, Betty is retiring from the Star at the end of this week, but surely not from Oakhurst and all the friends and admirers who love her dearly.

Thank you, Betty, for being there for all of us, right, left and center, all the time every time. You’re very special.